Saturday, July 04, 2009

YUP!you`re right..i`m HAPPY today.^.^

Yup..i`m very happy today!!hehe~~
Actually i just came back from yum cha with ccm,lewis,kelvin and kelvin 2..haha!so fun least i don`t feel boring at home alone..huhh!B-yian,qi xiang and betty left me at home sad~~
whoa..we really laughed alot!!nope..they laugh at me..huhh!!but it was fun la..haha..yuan lai they got remember me de..and luckily they didn`t go back hometown this weekend..if not i`ll get bored like hell!!(izit wei le me leh???)hahahaha......
hmm..die ler..i still very fresh now..haha..just now `warm up` ady..keke!i just don`t know feel very happy..cheerful..hmm..i SMS with my Ex just now..just a normal chat..but still feel happy..hehe~~but i don`t expect for sure.
well..just a friend^.^im so happy to chat with all of them lo..really can make me forget about everything..actually i really worried about the test next week..hmm..i don`t know how am i going to seat for the papers..damn!
but i`ll study hard for very sure!!
quite late ady ler..i have to sleep la..tomorrow going to have lunch with them!haha..after that i`ve decided to start to make would be better if all of us study together..but make sure we really study la..haha!!
so the conclusion is......i am happy...haha!!right now..hmm..if everyday can happy like this mai good need to fan too much!i`m okay la..really recovered ady..
muackss!!i love all of you lo.....thanks for making me happy..
but..i feel that im getting fatter and fatter lo..almost every night yum cha at ghany..haha..that kelvin called me fatty bad la him..hate him lo..haha..
so starting next week onward..if 9am de class..i`ll walk to college..don`t want to go by car ady..hehe..but not because of kelvin call me fat myself feel it too..
always so late only go to bed..pimple also getting more..hAIZ..really stress..!!!so..i have to manage it well lo..ok liyana?hmm..guai..hehe~~
sleep la!!good night!muacks!!


woO l Oong said...

you can "wei le wo" during writing the post "press" enter key mou?!....haha
really hard to read leh....
aiya,"wei le wo"
can la...

Liyana lee said...

''wei le wo''!!!!!hahaha..ok ma?