Monday, July 20, 2009

WHAT`S wrong with mE???

Whats wrong with me?cant even know what exactly i want..
feel stress all the times..especially this few days..rushing for the assignments and presentations..hmm..sometime really hard to control my emotion,especially this few days lo..really moody and emo!all the things happen seems like againts me~~
i found that nobody understand me..haiz..make me geram,really really geram..
i miss my family..wanna go home and rest..really feel sick of my life now=(
i really need more time!!24 seems not enough for me,i know im asking for too much..but...hmm..
why they always like that?all the time need me to think more,do more,stress more..never think of my feelings..
sometime you see me smile and laugh doesnt mean im ok..actually im not ok at all!!!

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