Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thank you♥

This is for you.
I just wanna thanks you for taking care of me:)
And so sorry about just now,gave you trouble and make you angry till heart pain:(
Thanks for worry about me
♥ Thanks for your concern and care:)
Love you

If it wasn't because of me,today you'll have a peace and relax day.
so i wasn't angry or sad when you scolded me just now.Lol so,you don't have to feel any guilty yea.
It's my responsibility,but yet i gave you so much trouble:(
I was forcing myself to stay strong and keep walking,don't fall sick.And thanks to GOD that nothing happen to me,if so,surely you'll be fed up.hees

I'm so troublesome right?so weak.hmm..but trust me,i already tried so hard but then the energy is not enough for me.
Feel so guilty.Hmm..seeing you so pain,so suffer,make my tears to roll down.Are you okay?feeling better?:( i'm worry about you too.
Thank you
♥ Really thank you darling♥ thanks so much

and i promise not to give you so much trouble anymore.I'll take good care of myself^^

Friday, March 26, 2010


Dapat online kerana aku di rumah darlingku.Esok i'm going to shout at them again! ergghhh!!
Minggu yang sibuk.EP and Psycho assignments,presentation lagi,mid-term lagi.dying:( hey,tadi aku checked facebook,ada orang jealous yet tak mengaku.Lol
Aku sudah berbaik dengan darlingku.Semalam pergi parade dengannya.Bersama kawan rapatku,styler dan ah bi dia^^ betapa gembira.
hari ni dia tidak perlu jadi kuli,so bagus.Tapi dia kept asking me go see her presentation.Sorry la,aku sudah habis kelas.Haha.
sigh.sekejap hujan,sekejap panas.hmm.itu lah kampar.
tak balik minggu ni,minggu depan lah.GW.
See you lemaks.Haha..kla..gonna bath,then finish the women's weekly.baru dapat mimpi yang indah.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Geramnya.Line masih teruk walaupun aku sudah complain buat kali kelima!
hmm.Partner GF ku ialah kelvin lai:) bagus sekali^^
Sebenarnya,diriku masih marah akan that asshole.adakah patut dia rasa yang aku tidak patut say that to her,did she know that i simply don't know about that?and not i'm the one who start it first?Bodoh sekali.hey,lain kali make sure dulu baru cakap,jangan fitnah orang lah.
aduhai.Kesalahan orang lain you boleh nampak,kesalahan you sendiri you boleh nampak ke?and that's no use to throw me advices to stop dislike her.because aku bukan mask rider.Lol i'm not that kind of people wearing mask,dislike but still giving a fake smile.Aku bukan!C'mon,if you don't done anything wrong,aku tak akan begitu geram akan kamu lah.And the other YOU,sedar tak yang you memang tak kenang jasa.Siapa yang banyak tolong kamu dulu?Siapa yang comfort you bila you down?Siapa yang hulurkan bantuan ketika you perlukan?and now,what did you give back to me?betapa gembiranya you bersama dia.Yala,same species mah^^ kan?
You jangan ingat aku akan sedih or takut untuk kehilangan kamu,kerana to me,you're nothing.But,one thing,i wanna tell you,for the last time,she's not your slave,and you're not her master:) alright?
berlapis-lapis muka kamu ada,sungguh banyak kepala dan lidahmu.And batu api juga.You manusia atau binatang?
sebelum you kata orang lain,sila cerminkan dirimu dulu ok?jangan ingat you sungguh cerdik.You tidak.
haiz.cukuplah.malas nak layan this kind of people.nanti ada orang tak syok pula.yala,siapa yang makan cili,tentulah dia yang akan rasa pedasnya.Hahahaha..
Darling asked me,why i blog in bm.haha..hmm..just wanna change selera lo:) all in english,kadang-kala sure wanna change lo^^ right?
itu orang memang sudah mencapai tahap critical,tidak boleh diubati.Lol aduhai,apa nak jadi dengan dunia sekarang?semakin banyak jenis orang yang weird weird.Hmm.asalkan mereka tidak kacau ku sudah^^ hehe:)

* miss you:) get well soon^^*

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hey YOU,fuck off !

Hey you.Fuck off okay ! :) Hmm.I'm wondering,why the things happening in life is so so so unfair?? Why does those people so blind till couldn't realize her real look and attitude? Walao. And and and..the funny part is when she showing off to others as the success that she had is she achieve with hard work. HEY YOU,do you understand what i'm trying to say?? You took away our friend.Now the friend become victim! You're just like a killer.
Hey you.Fuck off la! Don't appear in front of me anymore! your face is so so annoying and gross.Huh?why?its a fact ok?Don't think that you have a long hair and slim is consider you as ms pretty ya.*vomit* and and,is not jealous case here okay? there is nothing to jealous about you.You're just rubbish la..
Hey you.Stop showing off okay?stop hurting my friends okay?stop fa qiao okay?stop treat my friend as your driver okay?stop doing all the nonsense things okay?
and and you realize that everyone is talking about you now?Do you know that actually??yes,is quite pitiful.And i do feel bad.hmm..But,sorry,it serve you right:) so,fuck off!!! and don't show us your fuck face.Lol

Monday, March 15, 2010


Finally,we went to the zoo already:) Lol With my lovely classmate-styler and her ah bi:) haha..wai keong,cui cui,lee mee,kitty,ling shiao,sue zhen,sam and darling.It was really really tiring and it took about 3 hours to reach.and we keep sesat jalan.Lol Woke up at 7am and i gave them all a msg and even miss calls.Omg.planed to start car at 8am sharp but end up,9am,after ghany.
waited for sue zhen and sam at ipoh mcd.I almost slipped down in the toilet.*thanks cui cui for saving me* haha..after lunch at taiping,then only visit the zoo:) Omg.The ticket cost us rm12,but i checked internet,only rm5.Wtf??But nevermind.It's really fun to be with them:D
Here it start.The first styler's friend we visit is the huge!a damn huge lizard! then the leopard cat,and it even got babies:)how cute.Oh,the pics..going to upload it soon:)Well.since the Danish management not doing their job! Blog also have to blog half way then continue when there is a connection available.No wonder one by one move out from here! Really,seriously,i'm not really that rough and didn't mean to be so rude.But,you know,i need,nope.WE need to access to the internet.ok?The complain had been made for several times.But see..really fuck. abt the zoo 1st.Lol Took some SH pics with them and we really had a wonderful moment:) Orang Utan,elephants,tigers,lions,crocodiles,camels,snakes,monkeys..hmm..what else??a lot la.and and and..hippopotamus! hahaha..damn huge.
Miss the times:) really had so much fun with them.But too bad,we got to end it since the heavy rain:( went jusco to have some makan then drive to kampar.
Damn tired and i was fallen asleep in the car too:) but really worth it:) had a very great time with them and darling:) miss yea:)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not being.

Hmm.I'm no longer crazy on blogging,like how i used to be.Lol Is not that nothing to update,is just.hmm.a bit lazy,and to prevent myself to fuck the danish management.The line,omg i tell you,really damn slow.Just imagine,i have to wait for like 15 mins just to log in to my facebook.Just log in okay?Fine.
Recently.A few of weird people appear in front of me.And i was like,fuck off u guys!Lol and some of them really make me vomit whenever see their faces.*how bad.See,i've told you that i'm not that kind* haha.but seriously,they really annoying.I wonder why people can still tahan them.And were so blind to choose them as their VIP.Well.I'm not hypocrite.What i don't like,is forever X in my heart.No reason for me to pretend that i'm good with them.No time for that.So.
Excited for tomorrow's plan:) and it is only for the gang whom everyone of us happy with:)
Darling busy with his SWC stuff.and he was really really stress.Damn can the difficult one given to him handle it all?He alone.C'mon.where is your brain huh??Bully my darling.hmmp!Stay strong anyway darling.Muacks!
well.I'm going to off.some stuff is waiting for me:) take care:)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

where are you?

Where are you?Why i couldn't reach you?Why i couldn't feel you?Where were you when i need your comfort?your hug?your smile?your care?I miss you.
It make me more sadder when i think of you,sister.I miss you so badly.I miss to hear your jokes.I miss to touch your fatty lemak.haha.I miss to take self-loving photos together.I miss to act naughty with you.I miss to quarrel with you,fighting for damn small little thing.I miss to hear your shouts.I miss everything that you do to make me laugh!I'll go back soon:) hehe.
I desperately need someone with me now.But i don't want sohai one.kaka! But nice after talked with kitty last night.until..urm.around 3 in the morning Lol but at least can make me feel better.
I feel i'm totally lost.I don't know what to do and it is all.blur..I'm so down but yet i got no way to release it out! who can help me?I seriously need someone to talk to,that can give me smile,support,comfort and care.Anyone.I'll accept:)
I miss them! my family.Really miss them.How i wish i could fly back to ipoh right now.
I love all of you.Can i get the love from all of you too?No need to return so much as how i'm giving,just a little care,that's more than enough.Thank you.I appreciate it much.

P.s Sis,text me when you read it yea.Love you than everything:) Take care:)

Monday, March 08, 2010

No One.

Why me?and why did you said that to me?I was hurt.because i love you,i never think to hurt you,or up set you.And in this situation,i can't find anywhere to go.I still need you.I still need the support from you.But how can i get it all without communicate with you?What did ive done actually?that make you totally mad of me?Where is my fault?how can you punish me without telling me a strong reason?I know,''try to ask him,try to communicate with him,go back,talk nicely to him,give him a hug..bla bla bla'' yes,these all crap words they gave to me whenever i talk and share with them.Is really such an easy thing to say,but can or cannot do it,only i can know.So,i really feel lost and feel no one could understand me.Because only me face the problem.Yea,,i know others may face much more tough problem which more serious than me.
sighh..only to blog i can release everything out.But now my laptop get virus and need to format.
again.i feel so lost because i really don't know anything about it.and i couldn't consult him also. god! i feel like dying!
i love you both.yes..both him:) To you,i never think to kick you aside.i really love you and i need you.To another him,i love you.You're the one i always think of and i really sorry to hurt everytime.Sorry.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


What did i've done?Where is my fault?Can you please tell me.Maybe i'm too blind to see the wrong thing i've done.Maybe i'm too stupid to think of my fault.Maybe i'm too deaf to hear what you're actually telling me.Maybe i'm too dumb to get what you mean.Maybe i'm too useless to read your mind.Maybe i'm too stubborn to change to what you want.Izit??
Why every time have to end up like this?I was too tired to think of the reason why you become like this.I totally no idea.And when i asked you,you said nothing.I'm not a doll.For you to kick away.For you to play.I can't stand if you be so emotional.I'm actually not that really soft.really kind to stay calm every time.I do have my ego and feeling.I did felt suffer if every time like this and end up with tears dropping.Why??what happened?You emo,i don't know what else i can do.I don't know what else can be said.You're so funny.Can emo without reason.But the people surround you would really worry about you,do you know that?Esp me.I really really damn worry about you.I asked.I tried to talk to you.But what did i get??When i talk to you,do you have look at me?answer me?respect me??I just want to know the reason.I willing to listen to all your problem.Why did you hide it from me??
haiz.You make myself feel that i'm totally useless.Can't even give you comfort and be like how you wish.SORRY.Really sorry.
Leave me alone.And you need time to think as well.
You asked me before that do i understand you.But now i hope to get the answer from you,Do you understand me?????
hmm.but one thing so funny here is.If the old me.I already give up in such situation.hees.But this time not at all.I never wanna give up.I stay strong and try to find the solution instead of give up.hmm.Maybe because of i really love him so much.hmm.And i hope he'll know about it:)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fuck danish!

Really so damn fuck the danish hse!!!!
the line so cacat! always disconnect.
the hse rosak here and there.
wanna move out from here!!!
pay for what oh??????
tomorrow im going to complain again!
for don't know how many time already!
no mood right now.
really fuck!