Friday, June 25, 2010

a kind of people.

I hardly describe the feeling of mine now.It wasn't so serious right?Why need to drop the tears?Lol Is like,the feeling of,frustrated.maybe.Hmm..feeling of sad?disappointing?or..hurt?Hmm.I don't know! How come have this kind of people?Sigh.i also wondering@@ Omg.don't you know that everyone hate you now?and i tried to be nice with and forgave you,but why still never change?you still mad right?still could not let go the ego you have,am i right?Fuck you!!!!Well,i'm sure you guys readers want to know who's that guy i'm talking about.I really want to spell out his name.Hmm..but will i get sued??Haha..
anyway,the person i'm talking about is a male.ktar class.always acts smart but he wasn't.always try to give joke,but it wasn't funny at all.ugly.dark skin colour.and..the one who has position in the class:)
let's guess:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Busy.For the campaign,Public speaking especially,with the....sigh.I feel so tired.This few days i get lack of sleep.Always went metoo with styler chai.Hahaha.Anyway,i got DSLR with me ady:) i'll start to capture around,not only for the assignment.Lol but for my own properties as well.
hmm..what else?ohya,my cooking skill! Walaoweh..improved alot! Who said i'm stupid huh?cheh..most of the times,they finished the cooks and praised me=p Lol Lol Lol not showing off kay,just that,feel so happy.From nothing to something:)
I don't like my law lecturer.Both of them.Law subject is quite interesting but.ohno.I or we don't think that the lecturers is good.But god,please,i don't want to resit!So,please make me understand easily when i'm doing revision=D Winny liew is a good lecturer,too good,too pro that sometimes make us stress.The pressure she gave,OMG..Ms pushpa is always that kind and good! Sir, need to say,is tooooo kind! that sometime make me feel that attending his class is just for relax or,wasting time.Lol
With him,well,trying to solve everything.I don't wanna think for too much first.One thing that i can be sure is,I love him much.Hehe.
Styler,happy and enjoyed metoo with her this few night.Went westlake for chit chat,release stress together,gossiping.^^ the feeling is so damn nice.You're the only one and suitable friend i've found here=p're really SH de.Haha.Anyway,add oil together for the PS crap.Lol * and i know you're tired.
To them.Thanks for understanding me.I've decided to go home this weekend! yeah.
Hmm..what else ya?i think that all the things i wanna list.And it may be a crap for someone or two,but not for some others.Lol *no,you won't understand because you're crap! Still hating you!!,yes you!*

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Totally in ♥ with penang:)

Here are just some of the photos we took:) Lol i'm kinda lazy to type..But the trip was so fun and enjoyable:)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

This is for you.

It wasn't nice when we talk,someone will interrupt you or the other person you're talking to is not paying attention or doesn't understand what you're trying to was very hurtful for you and me to be in this situation.Like now,staying in the same roof,but still need to acts like cats and dogs.I'm hurt.
I've told you,i'm going to make a decision for us both.And i'm sure the decision that i'm going to make is the decision that i'll never regret.So,please,let us try to be cool for these days and be a sweet couple kay?Do you understand me?I'll try to change to a better one,and hope you'll too.I love you.That's the only word i can say to you.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pen without ink.

When something aren't turn to something that you want,for sure you'll down like hell.My mind is so busy thinking for the best way ever.My heart feels so pain when i imagine how my life would be without all these.The problem is,i could never have the feeling to let go.But at the same time,feel some kind of tired,like,totally exhausted.No matter how i try,why the things still in the same situation?Why i just can't be calm whenever difficulties find me?I was like,nothing.Ever.I failed.And now,the decision that i'm going to make,hopefully will not drive me to regret=)So,please rest my mind for others,i just want to focus on these crap feelings and look forward with a better way.Yes,i know i can=)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

when the ball hits you down.

I was so surprise that you know about it.I was so touch.Thank you,at least you make me feel that you're still care and concern about me.I understand,and i don't want to give you so much trouble.The promises i've made,hopefully will turn true=p
I love you and i just wanna shout to the world that,I MISS YOU SO MUCH!