Tuesday, February 22, 2011

getting closer to myself.

Give up on everything but not in you.
But why i still get this kind of return.
I'm not even asking for the very very perfect one.
but at least you just have to know to do your part.
im speechless.Okay! my fault.
Its always mine.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Looking forward for the day:)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong xi Gong xi!
Oh..but i'm having fever now:( Please be strong Liyana!
But yeah! Looking forward for the day to come!
hehe~ for the trip!
I'm happy!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

After sooOO long ;)

Yeshhhh! Been quiet for sucha long period. heeee. Not that busy,just lazy! :p
The reason why i'm blogging now is because i'm happy! hahaaa:)
oh i can't wait to wear 'em!!! and i'm collecting more and moreee!
Money for meals should cut down! add on for personal expanses! Yup yup=D
oh i can't wait for the day to see you,and my lui luis:) aww..i miss 'em so much! like so madly!
but seriously i still feel 'em close to my heart! well,12 more days! yuhoo~
Dear called,just.I'm so glad to listen to his sweet voice.oh not sweet at all,erm,just nice to me:)
oh i'm happy i'm happy! heheeeee:) Gonna start preparing the special naughty gift for the valentine.hehehehe=D