Thursday, May 27, 2010

U again.

Sometimes,i did feel bad for treating you like this.In fact,everyone of us now=p But,well..this is what you 'asking' for.You're so thick face..hello,you know people don't like you,please la,get away from us.Still have face trying to be good with us,or her.I never see your this type of living thing not until i met you.Haha..You..ugly You! Good if know that we dislike you for so what are you waiting for?Fuck off la.Give people so much trouble..need people's help,but still need people to wait you.Tak tahu malu punya orang!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Finally,its over:)yea..i'm totally exhausted.Hmm..what i feel?Err..happy but a little bit dissapointed:( didn't get any prize but yet i know they've tried their very best.
I'm group 18's GF.My partner,Kelvin.Had tried our best to lead the group.Yea..for the first and second day,they were so quiet and totally no response to all my questions.Lol But later on,okay,and some of them even dare to 'bully' me.Haha..i love them!!
Actually,i'm never want it to end like this:( maybe my expectation too high.Haha..had problems with my partner,some members not giving me cooperation,difficulties dealing with all the committees.For this whole week,i'm totally lack of rest.Even less time to spend wit my beloved.Sorry^^ In fact,a week before O'week starts,we,Committees,OAs and GFs were busy preparing for freshies.So,i really feel down because some of them never appreciate what we had done for them.Hmm,anyway,its over.And im finally free and back to my normal life:) Haha..
Thanks to those who willing to listen when i was complaining about this and that,esp my hsemates,Wai keong,who complaint that i love to complain.Hahaha..Hong weng,lee jing and of cuz my both darling,Ck and Styler chai.Thanks yea Styler for lending me your ears when i'm down.Thanks for all the supports:) Happy birthday to you! I appreciate you so much! Love you^^'ll upload soon^^