Friday, November 27, 2009

I am Who I am:)

Always admire the beauty of others.
why don't i look like her?or her?or even her?
why her eyes are so beautiful,why not mine?
why her skin fairer than mine?
why her face are so sweet and cute?
why her skin free from pimples?
these all playing on my mind.
Always feel down not getting a slim body like her or her or even her.
why i can't be like them?
But here i am.
Yet,i thank god to give me a perfect humans' looks.
I have a pair of eyes,ears.A nose.
Completely healthy hand and leg.
When one want to complain about something.
Please think of others who are less than you.
I am who i am.
I love myself.
I won't complain anything.
self-acceptance are much more important!

Let's cheers:)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Sweetie Bun Bun:):):):):)

Went to watch The Christmas Carol last night.
With Ck,Styler and Davide=)
Nice show.
but a lot of shocking part.
*don't really like actually* >.<
But happy moment:)
hmm.This sunday going KL.
wanna shopping^^
Hope i got enough Money through.
went to SAD just now.
wanna donate blood.
but unfortunately.
I can't.
cuz of my illness:(
how sad.
but i really want to try oh.
hmm..pity kenny just now.
i know he's in pain.
going kl going kl.

Not bunny anymore:)

wanna change bunny to baby=)
almost the same,they'll get confuse:)
They are so cute.
My mind keep thinking of them!
my god!
no matter where i am,what i'm doing..
hmm..they're always in my mind.
love them so much!
even though they make me feel so annoying.
and my pocket money all gone just for them!
but they're so cute till make me feel wana kiss them!
gonna be a best mommy for them!
Learning how to take care of them well:)
bathe them.feed with them.
And the most important is..
understand them!=)
i believe i can.
but most of them said i'll make them suffer @@
Baby bunny,brownie..mommy love you!
Will upload their pic soon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bunny And Brownie:)

I'm happy.
Bunny And Brownie..
I'm having Now:)
At first,i feel so geli to touch them.
And scare they'll bite me also.
but then,i'm their Mommy what~~
so have to give them a warm and loving attention.
But i'm not a good mommy for them.
Well,on the first day i bring them home.
I dropped them on the road,and i know they get so much shock!
sorry dear:(
Then when i'm trying to clean their room,
I clipped bunny's hand.
He cried for pain:(
sorry sorry sorry.
And feel sorry to CK also.
Because trouble him to catch bunny to get in last night.
Oh morning just now.
3am after yum cha with them.
Bunny was hided behind the cupboard.
he tried hard to persuade and catch him.
pity lo~~
end up,almost 4am only done!
sorry Ck.
Just now i bring them to test and classes.
funny when kenny dropped bunny and all of us tried to catch him back.
my god.luckily gary managed to catch him=)
bring them along to seng yip.
cute! like their stupid mommy,right?
I'll be the best mommy for them:)
prove that i'm not useless.
i just love them!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The mood swing in between happiness and sadness.
And now,
I'm sad.
Regretted for not going back this weekend.
as how i promised them.
Why suddenly these all comes to me?
Suddenly these all stuck in.
I just trying to be fair.
I just don't want to hurt myself.
eh! you should be thankful to me.
Because of me, now only you can have a nice day with them.
do you ever realize that??excuse me.
I'm not going to lose anything,
Like i care??huh?
why i'll face this kind of problem always?
Should i be like last time?
always hurt myself instead of hurt others?
Don't mind to make myself down,
as long as others on the top?
Who are you to make me feel like this?
why after this matter happened,
i feel very down?
I'm not suppose to,right?
what the hell it is?
the wrong is you,not me.
they even knows it.
so c'mon.
Be matured.
as what benjamin and betty said.
I'm not going to rugi anything.
because i did the right thing.
if you think that i'm wrong.
get off.I don't mind,ok.
Like i care??
just don't understand why my tears will roll down just because of this matter.
may be i feel dissapointed of you.
and i was shocked of the plan you made with them.
without offering me.
i know them earlier than you do.
Still dare to show your unsatisfied emotion to me??
Whatever la.
i'm not going to do anything right now.
because you're needing me.
i know.

[zi mui men,faster come back.I need you all:) miss ya:) ]

Ya,I Don't Have To Feel Any Bad.

Just like what benjamin said,
i don't have to feel any bad or guilty.
The wrong,not me.
i just said what i'm suppose to.
And i don't say something that are hurtful.
But then,
why i feel so bad?
why i feel so sad when the thing happened like this?
why i feel regret after i did so?
Is my bad?or his?
Am i too soft?
Willing to hurt myself instead to hurt others.
But it's so unfair to myself,right?
Why i just can't stop think about it??
Everything okay,
what i suppose to do now?
Start the conversation? act like normal? keep silent for some times?
Feel bad,should i?
But that's not my fault!!
i just don't want to get hurt again and again.
Can you try to understand?
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Hate to have this kind of feeling!

Friday, November 20, 2009


I never gone with the wind
Just let it flow
let it take me where it wants to go
till you open the door there is so much more
i never seen it before
i was trying to fly
but i couldn't find any wings
but then you came along and you changed everything.
You lift my feet off the ground,you spin me around
you make me crazier and crazier
feels like i'm falling
and i'm lost in your eyes
you make me crazier crazier and crazier
i watched from a distance as you made life your own
every sky was your own kind of blue
and i wanted to know how that would feel
and you made it so real
you showed me something that i couldn't see
you opened my eyes and you made me believe
you showed me what living is for
i don't want to hide anymore..=)
you make me crazy of you.
falling for you.
love you.


Everything went wrong!
No mood..everything make me no mood.
I laugh,i smile..
but in the heart,
I'm not.
don't know the reason also.
you crazy!!
suddenly disappear suddenly come find me.
I really don't understand what you want.
Fuck! always make me confuse.
why sometime you all will say those thing that i don't like??
That's not a joke anymore,k?
I'm sorry for being like this,
but if i don't tell you,
you'll never know.
If you keep on hurt me,
i scare will lose you.
so i hope you understand=)
I do really enjoy the moments we all spend together=)
next week going kl with them.
but sorry for make a wrong price about the ktm fare.
moody moody moody!!
+.+ >_< T.T =( :(

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To YOU:)

How are you recently?
I prefer to communicate with you through the blog.
Coz i know that you'll read it.
Hm..i understand the feeling of being lonely.
suddenly will remember the happiness and nice moments that we had together before.
It was totally sad that we got nothing to do with each other..
But nothing gonna change it also.
The feeling toward you,
already lost.
and i'm glad that the feeling i could clear it up.
You'll be alright.
Don't think too much.
I already tried not to find you,meet you.
as how you wish.
even msn,facebook and friendster i don't find you.
you are the one find me first.
So please don't hate me just because that you can't forget me.
i wanna be friend you,
but you don't want to.
Then,what can i say??
i can't read your mind.You always make me confuse.
I'm happy with my life now.
I already have someone that managed to touch my heart.
I'm happy now.
and i want to prove to you all that,
the problem not come from me,is from you all.
Now you are regretting for the mistake..Trust Them More Than Your Lover.
u understand right? So..go to find them.
You just never know how hurt i felt after you leave me!
you follow your shit friends.Now,where are them?
why don't you just find them?
I don't really want to mention the past.But i really get hurt!!
You all never know it.
im sorry if i hurt you,but i 10 times hurt more than you do.
i"m sorry.
Forget about me.
If i can do so,Why Don't you???

They Are Naughty!!

Yesterday,after PR class.
Rushing back with kenny.
Suddenly realized that one of my phone not with me.
Damn!! I rushed back to the classroom,
and unfortunately not there.
I called CK to tell him that my phone was lost.
He said not with him.
The friends are worried about me,
waited and tried to call to the phone,
no one pick it up.
I was god.My PHONE!!!!
I called CK again and again.
He said nothing,just confirm with me that not with him!!
the truth is..Gary took it and pass to ck.
hate them!! angry them!!
so bad bully me =(
Really S.H.. fellow,like what kathik said.
Very naughty..!!
what a damn day!! matter how..
i still very happy to have them as my friend=)
even though everyday bully and tease me :(
CK!! U so bad!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yes,i mean it:) Yes,I Do:)

When i said,
You're important to me.
i really mean it:)
When i said,
i Miss You.
i really mean it too:)
happy to be with you.
nice chatting with you:)
enjoy spending time with you:)
everything feels good with you:)
happy to hear that??
Glad that we have the feeling toward each other.
But it is too soon for us:)
hope you can understand:)
I miss you right now,
yes,i mean it.
I'm thinking of you right now,
Yes,i Do=)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

get it work!:)

Mountain of assignments waiting to be complete.
As well as presentation.
Received his message.
Its critical level.I have to put more effort,
i know.
And sorry too.
i'm seeking for your apologize.
i'm happy to be with you:)
appreciate you soo much.
Thanks for the cares and accompany:)
Love ya=)
Have to back this week.
hmm..Sad and happy too!
missing them at the same time.
felt sorry coz couldn't help sis.
bro,i'll help you but i want your reason what are you going to do with it?
mom,miss your cooks and jokes!
dad,i miss you soo much!
but you all just never know and understand.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

wait for me,times! can you? no,you can't.

what's wrong with me??
Can't even follow the schedule.
how sad:(
So fast today already sunday.
just feel like yesterday was friday.
the precious time really don't wait for me=(
plan to study and finish up the homeworks.
but all never done completely.
the thinking to withdraw are so strong in my mind.
but mom and dad will dissapointed on me then.
so no matter what i have to continue.
raining for this few days.
and always after my clothes being washed.
no mood today:(
fan about the assignments and other matters.
money not enough~~
brother want a laptop.
no money buy for you laa~~ aiyo.
miss them much!!
next week BBQ party.
hees=) but not sure whether i'll enjoy it or not >.<
headache headache headache!!
mispress the button,unsaved the point of pet society!!!
feel wanna throw the laptop away!!
hmm..surprise that you said miss me.
thought that you never find me again.
hmm..i guess you sent wrongly?izit?
hungry err...
pity me >.<
miss home.
but don't feel to go back.
but no use ar..
sooner or later they'll know about it also.
let the times to heal everything la liyana.
but feel soo touch you after received your msg.
i know you love me much.
and i love you too:)
hmm.. i miss you i miss you i miss you and i miss you also=)
see you next week.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Too Many:)

:) too many to post about.
not spend much time with them this whole week.
busy with our own thing.
i wonder why i have the bad impression and feeling toward him.
feel soo bad sometime.
but i just couldn't control it.
whenever see him,
i try to smile to him.But can't.
feel like losing her as well.
but can't do anything ler~~
she choose him,then she will losing us.
hmm..but think another way,
its so unfair,she also no choice.
another but,he not suppose to control her like that wor~~
Liyana so bad.
he still care about you leh~~
so i can't continue to hate him laa.
Ok! for my best friend.
I'll forget about the past.
and continue to be good with him!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

weird weird=(

So weird..
why you must like this??
today ok,
tomorrow not.
Morning ice-cream,
night Kopi O..
hate leh~~
You like this will hurt people's feeling leh~~
please laa..
u ok??
worry about you=(
But nothing gonna change it,you know.