Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Who cares?

I'm clapping for you! Very well done!:) You're sucha great actress in a way to gain people's attentions,loves and protections:) But how you manage it ah? by just dropping your tears? Opps! someone is reading this.Cry la cry! talk la talk! hate me la hate! But who cares?I don't. But i wanna see how far you can go:) Good luck!
And you. Never change. always act like you're so great in everything,but actually you're not at all:) how sad huh? you're trying to 'help' others but please,help yourself first ok?:) You're acting like you know everything but actually you don't even know a single thing!
You! I hope you'll know one day who's really treasure you:) Now everything seems so blind and yeah, you'll see the truth one day! and, you're just too blind and stupid for not appreciate the real thing that you really worth for.
You!!! I'm freaking pissed off now! I'm not talking to the wall ok?So, you don't expect me to talk with you unless you realized that you're in fault:)
You:) you'll understand someday, the reason why. But i love you as my true friend:)
My another you:) Stay strong and i always love you! Let's see how far they can go!:)
Well,i really don't care of your words to me:) But seriously,if you cross over my line,hahahaha! You'll regret because....i already knew something about you:):) hehehehe!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Its time:)

Mm..i think it is the time for me to accept the truth,even though its an ugly truth:) That's what i should do for him because that's the only way/the reason he smile:) Oh never mind:) I don't really that hurt actually.Hees:) And i'm sure there'll be a next time and hoping to end that:) IF really really needed,indeed.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Shit day!


Thank YOU for the tests(:

So long never update my blog:( And i don't have any mood to update any too! Well.Its so many things happened around me/on me.But i still thank God for sending me few,just few,not many,angels:) Omg.What a wonderful day huh?Or what a tough challenges you gave me?Please make me strong to face it,God.
I'm hurt:(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The feeling for myself.

Today is the bad day for me.I feel like screaming.The moment Karthik tried to call the number,and told me that it had been switched off.I know,there's no hope anymore.I can't drop my tears in front of them! I still need to go for prw class.My heart is so pain.I'm blank,helpless.But still i have keep myself calm and force myself to give them a smile.
Back home,i still have to cook dinner for them.I still need to laugh with them as usual.But thank all of them for giving me much concerns and cares:) Yea,i know its just a cheap one,but still its very valuable for me.Its so meaningful for me!!
I'm tired.Had forced myself to smile for the whole day.Its enough! At the end of the day,i'm feel so good after the 'crying session'.Thanks for the hug Dear,thanks for just letting me cry on your shoulder and wet your shirt,thanks for not even ask me to stop crying,and,really thanks for the song-''Just the way you are'':) Thank you to all of you!=D

Thursday, November 04, 2010

To my babi:)

The only YOU! I love YOU! =D
Thank you for always be there for me.
Thank you for giving me lesson when i did something wrong.
Thank you for giving me chance to know you and myself better.
Thank you for your scoldings,concern and loves.
I'm sorry for the mistakes i've done toward you.
One thing that wouldn't change is,
my love toward you wouldn't fade.
I promise,i'll still love you eventh you don't love me anymore.

I'm free for you finally:)

Okay,alright.The reason why my blog is s00oooO dead is because i'm busy! and..i'm lazy.Lol I'm now nom nom cheese tart and the taste was like omg! Love it love it

I'm lacking of sleeeps! aloootsa sleeeps and rests..:( And i feel i don't spend much time with him:( well,i hope my group manage to publish our Queer successfully! whee.It sucha good experience and happy to learn all these incredible things=D I'm the editor,hehe:) Chee meng,the art director,Issac,the copywriter and YY,the professional photographer:)

Last few night,we went to G2:) Nom KFC and Pizza for free! Yuhoo! Actually not really that 'free' la! haha=D But it was fun! the place was like,our own house:) with laptopie on,air-cond on, romantic lights on,wow! it sucha nice place to relax or,good place to save our house's electric?Haha..joking ya! Hmm.he's getting a new phone! Yeah:) Not for me,but it would be mine eventually.Hahaha=D Last night he helped me to search for my stupid textbook:) I forgot that i've left it in Pui's car.LOL

Hmm yea! I'm waiting for the money money money! and i'm planning for trip with him hehe! The previous trip with them was soooo fun! and fun!=D Hmm.I'm just being too random,cuz i just type whatever thing come up in mind:)

I'm in Ipoh now:) Going back Kampar on Saturday,reason?For finishing the assignments:( And i'm excited to bake cakes. whee..^^ okay! Bye!