Thursday, November 04, 2010

I'm free for you finally:)

Okay,alright.The reason why my blog is s00oooO dead is because i'm busy! and..i'm lazy.Lol I'm now nom nom cheese tart and the taste was like omg! Love it love it

I'm lacking of sleeeps! aloootsa sleeeps and rests..:( And i feel i don't spend much time with him:( well,i hope my group manage to publish our Queer successfully! whee.It sucha good experience and happy to learn all these incredible things=D I'm the editor,hehe:) Chee meng,the art director,Issac,the copywriter and YY,the professional photographer:)

Last few night,we went to G2:) Nom KFC and Pizza for free! Yuhoo! Actually not really that 'free' la! haha=D But it was fun! the place was like,our own house:) with laptopie on,air-cond on, romantic lights on,wow! it sucha nice place to relax or,good place to save our house's electric?Haha..joking ya! Hmm.he's getting a new phone! Yeah:) Not for me,but it would be mine eventually.Hahaha=D Last night he helped me to search for my stupid textbook:) I forgot that i've left it in Pui's car.LOL

Hmm yea! I'm waiting for the money money money! and i'm planning for trip with him hehe! The previous trip with them was soooo fun! and fun!=D Hmm.I'm just being too random,cuz i just type whatever thing come up in mind:)

I'm in Ipoh now:) Going back Kampar on Saturday,reason?For finishing the assignments:( And i'm excited to bake cakes. whee..^^ okay! Bye!

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