Sunday, September 27, 2009


I.L.Y= i love you!
i love you i love you:p
But i don't know why my sis don't like me to love you.
but is ok..i still will love you ya!
boring life here~~
wanna go back kampar,
my sis ask me

Saturday, September 26, 2009


When he jatuh sakit,
i feel sedih.
I love him.
Aku sayang pada dia!
Love him soo much!
The 'him' is my anjing.
Fatty Figo.
Hari ini Figo telah jatuh sakit.
He just sleeping there.
Even when Queenie and Crystal main main there,
dia tetap sleep.
And queenie lari lari in front of him tadi,
hampir step on him.haha!
bila aku call him,he just open his mata then continue close his mata again.
When the other two barking,
he don't care too.

Kesian him..:(

Friday, September 25, 2009

Reach for the sky=)

I always want to try something=p
But sometime the 'something' really hard to achive..hehe=)
''reach for the sky''!!
haha! i wish to touch the sky!
but i know it's impossible=p
hmmm...but...impossible=i'm possible:)
eventhough not really 'touch' it,but..still feel very very happy! haha=)
Crazy right??hehe=p Nothing is impossible actually..
if you think you can,sure you can do it=p

i miss you..:)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm getting fat=(

I'm getting fat,i know.=(
there're always good and bad for staying at ipoh home.
my home will never no foods.
Mom love to cook.And always tries new recipies..
hmm..make me feel to eat eat and eat!! lol.
I've put on weighed this time.
but she happy.haha!
Really couldn't control.
The table always serve delicous foods.
Cannot tahan the cakes,cookies and also chocolates that are prepared by mom.
now i understand why sis soo chubby,never change! haha..
wanna faster over this holidays,
then start to gan fei dy!
Really have to!
Will save up money to buy the body-shaping gel.
haiz..very expensive leh..
But i will buy it=)
Start to jog,swim and do any exercise laa..
control eating! SURE!
Will eat,but in the small quantity=p
If can manage the time well,
i'll attend the yoga class.=)
money again..haiz...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Happy:) had a party with them last sunday..hehe=p
Very happy to meet fiona,kerlee,anne,sabrina,tian,mimi,and pei pei=p
so ke xi..nicole,lulu,hao hao and few more not free to join=( hmm..
So long never meet long never gather with them.
REally miss them soo much!
Some of my college's friend joined too=)
Styler,cui cui,wicky and also benjamin.
Davide don't join,cuz have plan with his friends dy.
Actually jimmy and david joining too..
but have appoinment.hmm..nvm~~
lee mee and new friend too far=(
so next time ba!
happy la..haha! hope next time can gather again=p
and hope more ppl will join..

I love them! love them! love them!
miss them soo much!
haiz..wanna meet them err..=(

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's all because of you.

It's all because of you!
i hate you sooo much!!
i never put any revenge toward anyone.
i never put any unhappiness or angriness feeling toward anyone for too long.
but this time was diffirent.
You're just like the fire that are burning the happiness of my family.
i'm sorry to say,i no longer respect you as my family member .
Because of you,my relationship with my dad now not as good as last time.
Not really close as last time.
It's all because of you!!
you spoilt everything! that makes me hate you soo much now!
actually good also this holiday you not coming.haha!
cuz i don't really want to see your face. dad always want to see you.
they've been waiting for you till today! cuz you promised to come right?
huhh! so if you want to come,don't stay for too long.i sick to see you!
you know what,if you don't come,later dad will say i'm the one make you don't feel to you better turn up! and i won't be at home that time!haha..
i've regretted stayed at your home for few months last time.
i don't really want to owe you anything! even 1 cent!
and i don't understand why you make up stories told my dad something that i never done!
this called ''family'' huh?
and of cuz dad trust you more than me! also dislike your own daughter,how come i wish you to like me,right?
what's wrong with you?huh?
you're mad!!crazy!!
no wonder your own daughter hate you soo much!! me as well ya!
Remember,you're no longer my family,no longer my uncle,you won't ever in my heart..anymore.
i love my dad.we are close last time.
YOU!!!ITS YOU!!! burned everything!!! you know that?????
i hate you!!!
trust me,when your daughter grown up,she will just do her own stuff..
she will just ignore you!!!
how cruel you are now,you just never see it.never realise it.
You're rich,you have a very big hse..but...i still feel that you're suppose to live in 'victoria home'..or...'hospital bahagia' or 'tanjung rambutan' laa..haha.
i'm sorry to said it.
but the pain and hurt i suffering for now,no one understand.And i'm sure he already cheered for it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

my days with THEM=P

I love to be with them.They always brighten my days.=p hehe=)We can study together.and...everythings together!! enjoy the moment we spent.hehe=p!!! you all are crazy friends that i ever have.haha!!And still remember that night! the worst dinner that i ever had.kaka..that's is...






The ""LUI CHA""..haha..(styler,really ''niceeeeeee''..ahem..hahaha..)

Really nice hor cui cui??kaka..soo's took our almost an hour to finished it.

but at the end we just throw it away.cuz..really cannot in laa..hehe=p

KFC together too!! fun! wai keong joined us too=p hmm..~~ really fun to be with them.

we just....friend!!!! everything we will do together.hmm..just..happy...enjoy with them.haha!

yummy..share money+eat puas puas!!

lee mee and me=p swwet right?haha..i love her.and i know she love me too.

eventhough she always 'scold' me..'say' me..and sometime 'critic' me..haha..but she's a nice good friend!! and funny too..

we`re really close..and they`re really good friend.=p hmm...i love them!!sooo much!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


it's time for me to relax.
just for two weeks by the way!
relax to the life in kampar.
everything 'free' now..especially my meals..haha!
whatever i want to much to eat..
everything not take out from my pocket's money.hehehe..=p
good ya.
But still worrying about the result.
Last few nights mom asked about my exam.
haih..i've told her everything.And i did told her that IF i failed few papers,
MAYBE i'll stop studying ler..
don't know whether it is the right choice or not.
and not sure is i'm too stupid to follow my studies or what.
Why last time everything seems so easy for me?
and i can do quite well if i hardworking last time.
but now?even i tried my best,still cannot @.@
DEar god.please help me..=)
don't want think about it first!
tonight going to meet my big family!!!
they coming to my hse=p
and also my dearest friends..
tian,mimi,fiona,sab,anne.kerlee,lulu..............many more.
But too bad,nicole not joining.haih.but is ok..thursday going out to catch some movie with her!
and......cui cui they all coming too!hehe=p
and......hope 'you' come too..hehe=) miss 'you' sooo much!!
will take some picture later.
will post it on my great blog.
will share the joys with dear readers/viewer ya.
but some of the 'dangerous+stupid viewers''re not welcome.
you know who you are ya?hehe=)
i know i'm
but 'they' worst.
Don't worry,the person i mean not from ktar or utar..hehe=)
she is from my previous sch last time.=p
I don't like she keep up with my blog.
cuz..she's not a nice human being.kaka!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Tough Road

Life,full of stories.
Some are happy,some are sad and some of them fall somewhere in between.
Sometime the journey of the road are straight,but sometime not.
even worse when you have to face all kind of difficulties.
just like the weather.
Sometime sunny,sometime rainny,and if you're lucky rainbow will cheer you up,
when you're no luck,thunder will accompany you.
along these road,we will be meeting many kind of people.
Nice,bad,weird,selfish and many more.
And also we will meet with success and failure.
It is stage-by-stage,
And every new stage,
Everything seem to be new and challenging,
without God's strength,we won't be able to overcome it.
I hate failure.Everyones does.
But what's important is that we understand that it's are for our learning.
We usually look at our actions as good or bad,right or wrong.
When we feel frustrated,we will start blaming ourselves.
thinking that we are useless.
But if we can adjust our thinking and look at our stories as tools for our growth,
then we may be grateful for all the things that we have to go through.
If we can remember to love ourselves and have compassion for our mistakes that we had done,
then we may live with more gratitude and joy.
hmm..want or don't want.
We have to learn how to deal with happiness,heartbreak,and most of the time with life's difficulties and challenges.
Im ok for now.Have to be ok.haha!
Thanks for your comfort and care.
The most important is to remember this,
hehe=) know what it is?
used to it even you are facing hard times.
That's a secret way to success=)

Let Me Go

I'm so sad.
and nothing can make me feel better.
i laugh,i smile,i being crazy just like normal.
but the pain in my heart no one know.
i miss you so much.
i need you to be with me right now.
my heart feel so pain.
but you never know.never care.
i can't stop my mind to think about you.
why i'm so stupid?really dumb..really useless.
i hate myself.really hate myself!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

broke the promisE..haHa!

finished exam!
ya..of cuz happy..
but there are something make me sad too=(
guys..thanks for accompany me during the happy and hard times.
can't deny that i really sad when you all(styler,cui cui and lee mee)choose chinese for the next sem.
which means we won't be in the same class dy.
but i know and understand that i can't do anything to stop you all.=)
anyway,i believe that it won't effect our friendship.
we can still have meals together.
still can do homeworks together.
still can stay awake for the whole night to study together,right?haha!
and the most important..
we can still enjoy our days together.hehe=)
still can ghany-ing,voodoo-ing,party-ing too of cuz!
last night,thanks so much!
thanks for the fun time!haha..
but..u all make me broke the 'promise' lol
from just apple juice..but at the end get drunk also.
Thanks for send me home safely.hahaha..
and thanks for the comfort.=)
i really cannot tahan last night.really feel so sad.
and i feel better after i cried.BUt paiseh front of kenny,kathik and wai keong.haha!
and also new
thanks anyway.i really enjoy spending time with you guys.=p
and actually kenny and kathik not bad de..sorry for 'anti' you both last time.haha sem we will be in same class again.add oil together ya!!
eventhough now i still feel very sad.but whenever think of you all..
hehe..feel much better=) i love you guys.
and cui cui,don't worry..i will move to your hse and be your dearest roommate!
i promise not to let your notty hsemate bully you again k?and including fei yeh!
don't sad still have me=)
你不要看我笨笨,其实我很利害的。。你不要看我weak weak其实我strong strong的。。哈哈..( familiar right this sentence?haha)
so don't sad anymore k?

Monday, September 14, 2009


i'm failed.
really useless.
sorry dad,mom..
i'm so sorry.
really sorry.
very sorry.
i've tried to do it.
but can't.
i'm sorry.
i've dissapoint you both.
sorry..i've broke my promise.
i'm sorry.
i'm useless,i know.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What Should I Do??=(

What should i do?
i feel lost.i feel bad about myself at the same time.
i'm not sure what am i doing now.
i'm sorry.
i just don't know myself.
i'm not real me.
sorry dear.
How can i treat you like this.
i'm sorry.really sorry.
but this kind of thing comes and goes.
and you hardly to avoid it.
i'm suffer too at the same time.
you're never alone.
you still have me.
eventhough not with my full heart.
who to blame now?
if last time we never have problem,
then now won't be so complicated like this,right?
i'm so sorry.
i just don't know what should i do.
i don't want to hurt you.
but i don't want to make you suffer also.
it's so unfair to you.
i know.
i really no intention to hurt you.
i understand why you treat me so cool now.
is my fault.i know.i'm so sorry.

Friday, September 11, 2009


left only one more paper to go.
MEM paper,the paper i really to score.
cuz i know my mc sure have to resit.
so i really hope i can score MEM and the rest of the paper.
at least mom and dad won't be so angry.
just back from IT paper.
hmm..ok ok lo..
have confident to pass.
i'm looking forward to the plans..
sure fun.
hmm..but maybe the trip tpo genting..i'll forget about it.
due to some reason.
eventhough i really wish to go with them.
of cuz not because of him.but i just want to spend more time with them.
but is long you happy=)
i found some methods and useful ways to study..
so next sem i'll follow the ways.
and i'll work extra hard for it.
hmm!really i will.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sorry Dear

sorry..really sorry.
no other word than sorry.
sorry sorry sorry..
really sorry.
i know is my fault.
but i don't wish to break.
but at the same time i appreciate the friendship with him.
we're just friend..
but i just hardly reject his invitation for dinner together.or yum cha..
or go anywhere..
and how can i don't answer his call whenever he call me?
how can i ignore his msg?
i'm sorry.i know i'm bad.
i hardly to choose.
you or him.

Seeking Forgiveness From You=(

i'm sorry.Really sorry my dear.
I know it's my fault.
I understand that i'm being so unfair toward you.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be like this.
Maybe distance and times makes us like this.Hardly for us to meet.
I'm sorry for being so cruel toward you.
How can i keep other person inside my heart even i already have you??
haiz.I don't know.
but i just want to be honest toward you.
I'm really sorry.I want you,but at the same time i close with him.
He treat me nice also.and i will spend time often with him too.He will come to find me.He will just sms me or call me for no reason.
While you,i feel that you are too far away from me.
I really wish we can spend more time together.
I wish you can always come to find me here.
and be like last time again.
I'm happy yesterday you came my house.
Don't chat much.After we took a nap,then you went back dy.
really nothing special.
But we really so long never meet.When meet,like nothing like that.
hmm..i don't know why.
I know it's so complicated.
sorry my dear.
if me,i also cannot accept you keep another gal in your heart.
i know is my fault.sorry.
I don't know what i'm suppose to do.
just sorry.
really sorry.
i need time.i was so confuse.really sorry.

What is Wrong With Myself??

What's wrong with me?
can't find any answer for the stupid question.
Sometime feel tired.
Just wanna set to be free.
Sometime feel so unfair to myself.
really make me suffer.
What's wrong???
I've changed?
did i??
again..i can't find any answer.
feel sorry to myself.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lucky Doggies=)

Last night at oldtown,having my dinner,i saw many stray doggies struggling finding food to eat.
What a pity.I almost drop my tears when see them hardly search for something to eat around the rubbish bins..and yet nothing for them to eat.
suddenly miss my doggies.=p
how lucky they are.but still sometime they becomes so choosy when come to food we feed them! everytime want soup with chicken neck and head.Better if have the meat special for them.Without it,don't want to eat.If just bread with uncook egg,Don't want also.If just dry bread,will throw into the drain.If only rice and soup,will drink the soup only.If have veges mixed with the special soup,will finish all except the veges.
I still remember one night,mom didn't cook their food,and my bro was sleeping for the whole day cuz tired.(that time is his duty to feed the doggies)..we also forgot that our doggies haven't eat.haha!
around 1am,i opened my hse door to check what they doing outside.what a surprise!
3 of them sitting in front of the door waiting for their food as how they always did!haha..(if they're full,hardly to see them in front of the door,they'll run here and there)haha!
that time only we understand that my bro haven't feed them..keke=)
mom said,tomorrow morning only feed them,since she also didn't cook their food that night.
But really pity them lo..hehe..although i know dogs can tahan without food for few days.
At sis make a bowl of milk feed them.haha.
3 of them shared a small bowl of milk.give them a lesson.kaka! But fatty figo not enough! haiz..
really damn fat la him! and lazy..haha..
i see the stray dog so meat,left bone.
but this figo...can't see his bone..full of meat.hahaha..

But..not only doggies lo..
human too.Sometime not appreciate foods.
Sometime me too..=p
always waste the foods while some of the people are hungry for food.
i'm bad.i know.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Really Pissed Me Off!!!

no good mood right now!
really pissed of someone. YOU!!
why its soo difficult for you to tell me??
now i don't want to know ady!
ya..i very 'small gas' de..ok?
the way you treat me just now also weird weird de..
IT!! damn..
hard to memorize it. brain almost cacat lo..=(
stay at,online,blogging..
The connection..
damn qi xin and slow.
its took my 30mins to entering this blog!!
hmm..really pissed me of.
but just now when i collecting my clothes.
i saw a cute baby boy having dinner with his family at firezone,
which is below my house.
hmm..he looked up.
'bye bye' with me.
so cute=)
still remember his cute little face.
his laughter makes me feel better now.
haha..but too bad no ballon to give him just now,like shapo always did when she live here last time.
just now dinner with cui cui,and bf's gang.
wanna relax now.tomorrow start study again.
going to watch twilight again.
already 7-8 times i think.
but what to do,cuz no other choice.
waiting for cuicui help me to download the pps.
so that i can enjoy it during sem break.
i still missing you badly. when are you coming to see me again ya?
i love surprise.and hopefully i get it=)
ok dy now.


hate hate hate!!!
damnboring here..
know earlier i listen to my mom laa..
follow styler go back ipoh..
stay at home for the whole day.
boring laa..
online,study,online again..view
what a life!
styler not here..yuan lai can be very very boring de~~
she not here..cant meet new friend also..
hate this kind of life.
i hate just being at home.
well..i'm out-going person!haha..
i'll enjoy hanging around with friends,no matter where..
tonight dinner,who going to take with me??
styler not here..cui cui with her bf..lee mee friend far away..
hmmm...betty they all eat 自己的。。me leh??
what a pity huh?
miss my home sooo much!!

2 more battle to go!

1st and 2nd battle ok..
i have confident on it.
But not on 3rd battle.
the questions was so tough.
I was well prepared.
studied days and nights,sometimes till really morning.
but....the questions not as what i've expected!
still remember that night..
i was struggling with the important points of what what what laa..
haha..agenda-setting and cultivative theory.., i think.
suddenly the silent night broke down cuz of my shout.
the crocroach!!!!!!!!
then i faster called christine in to kill it.
she so men leh..kaka..
used the newspaper to catch it then wrap it up instead of kill it.
but don't care long the stupid not in my room dy.
i scare of it and hate it much also.
pls don't find me again!!
two more bettle to go..
have to work very VERY hard.
enough just to resit 1 paper..
haha! which is...............f*ckin MC paper!!!
hmm..but maybe because i never try to love it,
that's why.
next sem gonna seperate with them-cui cui,styler and lee mee.
bad them leave me alone.
haiz.sure will boring like hell.
no more curi makan more sleep more ponteng more gossiping together.
how sad.sad me=(
so that's why i wanna fast fast move to cui cui's there.
at least we still have much time to be spend together.
but.....still will ghany-ing together.voodoo-ing together or 21-ing together..and many many more..
haha! that's us!!=)


Exam time is the most kanasai one! need to study study and study!!
But according to chow chow,studying under the 'orange colour street light' will helps you to memorize us,listened to her!!haha..that's cui cui and styler..studying under the street light until 5 am..
books..everywhere also messy with books..but only during examination preparation week..haha!!
the study table,will never tidy..pen,colourful highlighter,notes,tutorial questions,text books,dictionary..will appear on the table during these time..hmm..
really kanasai ohhhh...!!!

but yet,still have time for this! kaka..still can discuss about this and that products..
and planning to throw money out again!
but..that's our favourite lo..hehe=p
really strees....arghhhh...kanasai kanasai..
learned it from lee mee..haha!hmm...really hope we can do our best in our final..but..rm80 for mc have to start saving dy!kaka..

Monday, September 07, 2009

rm80 going to gone

hmm..just now mc paper..
i'm going to save rm80 for it..
why still can't do even i've tried my best to study it??
stay awake for don't know how many night..
just to study it!
damn it damn it damn it!!!
i hate mc...
i memorized some that are important like hell..
till my brain almost cacat,
but only useful for some questions...
how about others??
who going to help me tp answer?
but just fine laa..
over dy..
going to do well in IT and MEM paper..
only rm80 will be gone..k?

Sunday, September 06, 2009

remeo and his gf..

styler,cui cui,lee mee and new friend..
confirm romeo have gf dy..
i saw them!
at first seems like not de..but that night i saw his gf pulling his hand walk away from that shop..
then another night i saw them walk around holding hand..
hmmp..but his gf abit fat leh..chubby..
kaka..not match with handsome him..
anyway.that's about romeo and i don't think we should call his gal ''juliet''
she's not!! bad huh?
hey..since that misunderstanding,i found that we had become closer hor?
good laa..haiz..
and happy to know you,new friend.
p/s:actually i don't mind you all call me 肥婆 or 肥的 or 死肥 or 肥东西..hmmp..
i don't mind ok?whatever lo..
and lee mee,i know you actually love me geh..

i'm sorry

im sorry..
really sorry..
but you pls don't make me feel guilty ler..
im sorry..sorry..
sometime,hard to make you understand what i want..
and i admit i don't understand what you want too..
thanks for not controlling me..cuz i really feel that i've my own life and you as well..
i don't wish to control you too..
everything will be okay..
i promise you..i just need time..more time ok?? sorry..really sorry..


hate exam leh!!!!
but finally 2 papers over dy..
can pass laa i think..
but of cuz i wish i can score higher marks..=)
time seems not enough when come to study..
but always plenty of time for yum cha,lepak and enjoy.
yea..that's what students always did!..
me as well lo=)
tomorrow MC paper..
hate it much!
i don't like it leh..
but still,i have to do my very best..
boring err...have to study study study..
sometime feel wanna relax like styler did!
but can't..i don't want to make my parents dissapointed leh..
but really hard for me to understand what i'm studying about lo..
that's why now i'm blogging..
hopefully the tips i get from ccm all kena laa..
cuz cui cui that one abit difficult.. laa..trying my very best=)
god bless me and all my friends...=)

Friday, September 04, 2009


i'm bad,i know.
so confusing right now..
i'm bad,i know!!!
miss you miss you miss you!!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sorry,and i miss them!

i've been apart from them since before i go back ipoh..and until today..
i haven't meet them! Betty,b-yian and qi xiang..
no more dinner with them,no more pasar malam-ing with more yum cha with them=(
i'm sorry..but i really miss you all=(
We are so so soo busy this few weeks..
and i didn't find you all since then..sorry ya..
i have alot of thing to share with you all..haha..
especially betty,hehe=)
so i post this blog is to let you all know that i miss you all..
haha!! fa qiao leh..hehe=)
betty..i'm happy that night..haha! you know right?haha..
it was a surprise for me and i feel lucky cuz went dinner with them..
if not i think no chance for me ler..
erm..we all stayed awake the whole night,7am only sleep..
haha..but i don't feel tired cuz i slept like pig that evening..hehe..
we study,then i went yum cha with lewis they all..
then continue study at cui cui's hse,
then yum cha again with styler,jimmy they all..haha..
then went to dataran..
hmm..went back study again..
then watched movie..
i really hope we can hang out together again..
we only chat in msn or blog-viewing..
don't have meet you at college also..haiz.. lo..good luck ya,for your exam! betty,b-yian and qi xiang!! muackss=)
i miss you all soo much! take care=)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

When i know you still loving me

I don't know what should i do now.
When you told me that you're still loving me.
I'm angry more than happy.!
How nice if that time you don't leave me..
i'm sure now it won't be complicated like this!
you hurt me!again and again..
but i don't know why whenever i know you are sad,
you need someone to talk to,
i just feel myself should go to you.
Sometime i feel that i still love you,but sometime i feel that i can live without you.
i don't know..i'm confusing.
but since you said you can wait for me,
i found myself can accept you again=)
and i know you don't like me go out till late at night,
always control me like you did last time..
but stubborn me still do it..
but yet you willing to wait me to change it..
what's more can i say? you're too nice to me..
i'll try my best to give you back my heart..ok?
and i'm sorry..very sorry..i know its so unfair for you..
and thanks for the will to wait for me.
trust me,we will be ok soon..although our distance not near..hmm..


hmm..just back from ipoh.
Don't know why this time feel sad whan leaving! haha..
Well..since friday afternoon i've spent my times and days with my beloved family=)
till tuesday..and boy and mei no school and mom didn't work..
so......this few days just hang around with them!
damn happy!=)
have to study hard now..for our final exam!..
hmm..i must do well..that's what i've promised my dad and mom=)
and also myself=)
so sad can't celebrate boy's birthday together with them..
his birthday tomorrow..hmm..
well..i've to come back kampar ler..hehees..
miss them much!!
and..this year plan to go stadium for the merdeka celebration..
FAILED again!haiz..
so frustrated lo..actually plan to hang out with them..
failed also..haiz..what a bad day!huhh..hmmp..!!