Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's all because of you.

It's all because of you!
i hate you sooo much!!
i never put any revenge toward anyone.
i never put any unhappiness or angriness feeling toward anyone for too long.
but this time was diffirent.
You're just like the fire that are burning the happiness of my family.
i'm sorry to say,i no longer respect you as my family member .
Because of you,my relationship with my dad now not as good as last time.
Not really close as last time.
It's all because of you!!
you spoilt everything! that makes me hate you soo much now!
actually good also this holiday you not coming.haha!
cuz i don't really want to see your face.
but..my dad always want to see you.
they've been waiting for you till today! cuz you promised to come right?
huhh! so if you want to come,don't stay for too long.i sick to see you!
you know what,if you don't come,later dad will say i'm the one make you don't feel to come.so you better turn up! and i won't be at home that time!haha..
i've regretted stayed at your home for few months last time.
i don't really want to owe you anything! even 1 cent!
and i don't understand why you make up stories told my dad something that i never done!
this called ''family'' huh?
and of cuz dad trust you more than me!
well..you also dislike your own daughter,how come i wish you to like me,right?
what's wrong with you?huh?
you're mad!!crazy!!
no wonder your own daughter hate you soo much!! me as well ya!
Remember,you're no longer my family,no longer my uncle,you won't ever in my heart..anymore.
i love my dad.we are close last time.
YOU!!!ITS YOU!!! burned everything!!!..do you know that?????
i hate you!!!
trust me,when your daughter grown up,she will just do her own stuff..
she will just ignore you!!!
how cruel you are now,you just never see it.never realise it.
You're rich,you have a very big hse..but...i still feel that you're suppose to live in 'victoria home'..or...'hospital bahagia' or 'tanjung rambutan' laa..haha.
i'm sorry to said it.
but the pain and hurt i suffering for now,no one understand.And i'm sure he already cheered for it.

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