Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The moment I treasure.

Went to KL last weekend? I mean, the week before Christmas. Hehe.

Fully organized/planned by Timmy and they went one day before Dear&I since we have to attend to the crappie badminton class!

Stayed at Sun Inn Hotel and luckily there’s an empty for us! Thanks to my babes - Pui, Issac and Timmy for planned so hard to get the cake everything for the Hew CK. Lol Appreciate it much! Thank yous ! Went to the Sunway Pyramid for shopping, movie & makan and of cuz Sunway Lagoon for the fun!

Oh. I’m grateful to have them with me. Thanks for the unlimited supports, helps, loves, concerns and cares from yous for me! The moments we’d been spent together, and the future we’re going to spend, will be kept here! The ‘pillow talk’ we had, made us closer every now and then!

Hmm. Well. Pictures paint thousand words :)

Five of us with Ms Thuba:)

I love you dear!

Fun experience:)

The great dinner we ever had:)

Happy Birthday Dear:)

Five of us:)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

happy birthday:)

It’s your day! Happy birthday to you :)

And I’m super excited now!

Ohhhhh..for tomorrow:)

I love you dear!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

would you believe me?


Would you believe me if I tell you that I love you so much?

No, you won’t.

But actually,

I’d prefer it if you won’t. Why?

So that I can spend the rest of my life proving to you how much I do.

Yes, it would be hurt, but is okay for me because it’s worth for doing so.

NO.I was wrong!

Oh.I thought that he's really good to me.
NO~ I was wrong!
he made me cried.

Please make it real:)

what a happy day!
had the half boiled eggs with babe for our brunch:)
and,went Tesco for the bread and nuggets,
the foods from pasar malam for our dinner!
sundae cone and fries for the supper!
*that's the reason why i'm getting fat! omg.
He's so good to me today!
even when i'm moody him he'll still talk to me:) LOL
he said he'll give me the moon as my x'mas gift:)
he told me about the lil piggy love story:)
he listened to me when i stop him for playing the games.
oh hell. I'm happy!
Looking forward for the trip with them,next week!
and i really hope all of them really on!
and the x'mas trip with babe,
sadly,have to cancel:(
I'm going for the family gathering which i don't really want to go,
since i really don't want to see several people face.
wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Gonna sleep! good night:)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I've seen.

No more fear. Just worries.

But I’m happy after talked to YOU.

We’re not blind, not brainless. So you can’t cheat us.

But just because aupgh is ‘blind’, so you make a fool of gyh.

Oh God, what type of people is that?

How could you do that to gyh?

And now, I really hope to tell gyh.

Sometime, is okay to give up :)

To prevent yourself for being hurt, even more.

Yes, give up not always negative.

So, give in GIVE UP please.

Friday, December 03, 2010


Tired. Yes, tired to care all the things:) As predicted.

I wish to, we all wish to, but there’s somehow full of crap.

Hoping that everything is just fine, not a bunch of lies, please.

I’m very disappointed of Him. He said I can trust Him. Yes, I trusted. But my heart broke into pieces at the end.

And I’m trying to believe in Him as well. But what he done and said meant nothing but just lies and shits.

But at least, when the world turns upside down. Still there’s angels will be there. When the Satan asked you to end everything, there are angels that stop you for being dumb ass.

The childish actions and the craps happening, the source is the Satan. I don’t trust anyone now, just myself. Trust myself that I can differentiate the Satan and the angles. I got no power, I know. I am wrong to talk too much. But for the sake of the Angels. I know I got to do something.

Well. He is no longer in my heart. No more respect should be given to Him.

Anyhow, I should be thankful for given this chance to learn, to grow up. I believe the Satan will really gone once the angels conquer the truth.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Who cares?

I'm clapping for you! Very well done!:) You're sucha great actress in a way to gain people's attentions,loves and protections:) But how you manage it ah? by just dropping your tears? Opps! someone is reading this.Cry la cry! talk la talk! hate me la hate! But who cares?I don't. But i wanna see how far you can go:) Good luck!
And you. Never change. always act like you're so great in everything,but actually you're not at all:) how sad huh? you're trying to 'help' others but please,help yourself first ok?:) You're acting like you know everything but actually you don't even know a single thing!
You! I hope you'll know one day who's really treasure you:) Now everything seems so blind and yeah, you'll see the truth one day! and, you're just too blind and stupid for not appreciate the real thing that you really worth for.
You!!! I'm freaking pissed off now! I'm not talking to the wall ok?So, you don't expect me to talk with you unless you realized that you're in fault:)
You:) you'll understand someday, the reason why. But i love you as my true friend:)
My another you:) Stay strong and i always love you! Let's see how far they can go!:)
Well,i really don't care of your words to me:) But seriously,if you cross over my line,hahahaha! You'll regret because....i already knew something about you:):) hehehehe!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Its time:)

Mm..i think it is the time for me to accept the truth,even though its an ugly truth:) That's what i should do for him because that's the only way/the reason he smile:) Oh never mind:) I don't really that hurt actually.Hees:) And i'm sure there'll be a next time and hoping to end that:) IF really really needed,indeed.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Shit day!


Thank YOU for the tests(:

So long never update my blog:( And i don't have any mood to update any too! Well.Its so many things happened around me/on me.But i still thank God for sending me few,just few,not many,angels:) Omg.What a wonderful day huh?Or what a tough challenges you gave me?Please make me strong to face it,God.
I'm hurt:(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The feeling for myself.

Today is the bad day for me.I feel like screaming.The moment Karthik tried to call the number,and told me that it had been switched off.I know,there's no hope anymore.I can't drop my tears in front of them! I still need to go for prw class.My heart is so pain.I'm blank,helpless.But still i have keep myself calm and force myself to give them a smile.
Back home,i still have to cook dinner for them.I still need to laugh with them as usual.But thank all of them for giving me much concerns and cares:) Yea,i know its just a cheap one,but still its very valuable for me.Its so meaningful for me!!
I'm tired.Had forced myself to smile for the whole day.Its enough! At the end of the day,i'm feel so good after the 'crying session'.Thanks for the hug Dear,thanks for just letting me cry on your shoulder and wet your shirt,thanks for not even ask me to stop crying,and,really thanks for the song-''Just the way you are'':) Thank you to all of you!=D

Thursday, November 04, 2010

To my babi:)

The only YOU! I love YOU! =D
Thank you for always be there for me.
Thank you for giving me lesson when i did something wrong.
Thank you for giving me chance to know you and myself better.
Thank you for your scoldings,concern and loves.
I'm sorry for the mistakes i've done toward you.
One thing that wouldn't change is,
my love toward you wouldn't fade.
I promise,i'll still love you eventh you don't love me anymore.

I'm free for you finally:)

Okay,alright.The reason why my blog is s00oooO dead is because i'm busy! and..i'm lazy.Lol I'm now nom nom cheese tart and the taste was like omg! Love it love it

I'm lacking of sleeeps! aloootsa sleeeps and rests..:( And i feel i don't spend much time with him:( well,i hope my group manage to publish our Queer successfully! whee.It sucha good experience and happy to learn all these incredible things=D I'm the editor,hehe:) Chee meng,the art director,Issac,the copywriter and YY,the professional photographer:)

Last few night,we went to G2:) Nom KFC and Pizza for free! Yuhoo! Actually not really that 'free' la! haha=D But it was fun! the place was like,our own house:) with laptopie on,air-cond on, romantic lights on,wow! it sucha nice place to relax or,good place to save our house's electric?Haha..joking ya! Hmm.he's getting a new phone! Yeah:) Not for me,but it would be mine eventually.Hahaha=D Last night he helped me to search for my stupid textbook:) I forgot that i've left it in Pui's car.LOL

Hmm yea! I'm waiting for the money money money! and i'm planning for trip with him hehe! The previous trip with them was soooo fun! and fun!=D Hmm.I'm just being too random,cuz i just type whatever thing come up in mind:)

I'm in Ipoh now:) Going back Kampar on Saturday,reason?For finishing the assignments:( And i'm excited to bake cakes. whee..^^ okay! Bye!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Latest issues:)

Had been stop updating since the last day of the break.I guess:) Hmm.Well,back to hectic life,again! This sem,busy for producing a magazine:) My team members- Ccm,issac and yy:)
Hmm.If it wasn't because of the feeling of sad and dissapointed. I think i'll still neglecting my blog. I just wanna tell you and desperately want you to know that i'm happy when i managed to help you.I care for you as my everything. Please don't reject my helps for you.Yes! my heart is so pain! why? why you never see my effort to show you that you're my everything? i can understand why you don't like it but please, put away your ego! that's guys right?always think that they're the best and tend to be so true in everything. This is the fact that forever true. But thank to you too! You make me realized that its not necessarily give your hands to others. " hao ren mei hao bao '' right?:) so,thank you! Whatever it is, i've done my part, and i still very happy because at least i've tried my best to show that i'm care for you! I don't ask for any return,honestly..just..a little bit of appreciation. That's all what i need.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Shirts,pants,undergarments,shampoo,conditioner, hair cares,facial cleanser,lotion,baby powder,deodorant,yoko-yoko,bio-oil,recipies,muffins,pudding bread,the voucher,chicken essence,money money money=),IC yeah,I always forget you.And,sandal.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Another 3 more days to go ya. Hmm..Happy plus excited plus lazy plus sad plus scare plus worry plus curious = what a crap feeling?! Ok well, can’t wait to see him and excited for the trip with them. I’m so down today. Oh hell, I guess no one can understand it. Wanna COL ! Ohya, one more thing, people always use the LOL in the wrong way ya, realized that? HaHa. LOL means laugh out loud. Some people thought that it means like, something that ends a sentence. ’ I wanna go eat now lo..’ but they use lol – I wanna go eat now lol so it was like ‘I wanna go eat now laugh out loud.’ Izit?0.o Wtf?

Hmm. Okay, end about LOL. Well, sometimes I would feel that it’s just wasting of time by explaining something. No matter how we explain about something, people might still think that you’re wrong because in their mind, you’re wrong! So, what for? Explaining for something that cannot be solved? Yea, if you’re not in wrong, but people keep saying that you’re wrong, you keep quiet, you’re a dumb, you see. But other way round, if you’re trying to explain something, but you’re just explaining to a cow, it works? LOL So, save your time, save your energy, better! gtg.Bye..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

So Soooooon.

OMG.6 more days? what? 7 more? ohhh..whatever! Its so freakin soon:) Looking forward for the honeymoon and the trip with them!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finally ♥

Finally,settled! Haha.Thank you Darling. I’m so happy to get your answer for my question.Lol Omg.I can’t wait to see you ! And thank you for the supports ya. Hmm..i’ll stay strong and face the problem. Yea, seriously, I do feel scare and worry about it. But pray to God that HE will lead me and guild me. I miss you!

Don't ever force me.

Fuck.I just get my new sem timetable..Hmm.Why got that subject one?Don't force me to take it ah i tell you! I don't even know a single thing about it.Since small never learn it don't tell me i can master it now huh?Please God.help me..I believe in YOU,but i don't believe in THEIR TEACHING,THEIR RELIGION.Please..

Friday, September 17, 2010

No idea.

What is going wrong?I have no idea.But there's things happening that is really so wrong.Don't give any fuck reason as it doesn't make any sense,ok?I'm fed up with it,fed up with you.The feel of giving up is so strong.I just don't like to make myself hurt and pain.I'm not dumb.But at the same time i just don't want to be selfish,can anyone tell me what should i do?My mind is blank.Totally out of ideas.My heart bleeding non-stop.My brain is empty.My cells is dying. Heart-beating unsteadily -.- Omg.So fucking annoying!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Perhaps we shall take a break?Maybe,to have a kitkat?Hmm.It's selfish to do something without informing,but some times its just need the courage to do it.But the fact,I don't have it any.LoL Shall think & need more times=D
Nicole and HaoHao going UK soon.Oh hao going later?tomorrow?While Nicole going on 29th.Hmm.Hope can see you before you go=) Still remember the first time i met you=D The very first time we hang out,the dark dark secret we used to share,the supports we provide for each other=D,the laughter we shared.Hmm.everything is in my head here! and will Forever stay in my heart=D All the best to you both! Take good care.And perhaps?We shall meet there one day?HaHa..I wanna go there too.For a trip,maybe?Haha..still remember that you promised to be my doctor ya!=D better keep your word uh.
Miss you!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It must've been so hard on you
I'm sorry for all I put you through
I'm sorry for the helping hand I didn't lend
I wish I'd been a better one for you
trust me.
Never intended to hurt you
I regret it,i do.
What i did,i really regret.
Only a word-Sorry.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'll see you on next Sunday! and I won't disturb you for now!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Every moment of my life.

Every time I leave to head out on the road
I wanna take you with me to save me from the cold
No matter where I go wrong
you'll be there to turn it into right
I will love you every moment of my life

When I'm on an airplane, flyin' cross the sky
I know you're on a trainride, stations passin' by
No matter what the signs say
However in my mind you are by my side
I will love you every moment of my life

everyone misses something
And I know time changes everything
All the love that you have to give
you should give just as lost as you're holding that someone

I'd travel cross the great lakes to get to where you are
and even if forever wouldn't be too far
so baby when you asked me
to be the leading lady by your side
I promised to love you every moment of my life =D
I wish to sing this to you on our special day:)

Something new=D

Seriously, only now i know about this cute little cartoon=D POCOYO! Thanks sis

Today.Just today.Not tmr or yesterday.Is today=D

Hmm.i thought i can just eat 2 slices of cake for today.Just like yesterday.But opps,failed.Because,mom and i baked pudding bread with extra ingredients.Haha.I can't stop eating.Gosh!And mom fried rice and she forced me to eat.At first i refuse but then she said,okay,i know what i cook is not nice one..i was like =.= okay,i'll eat.
I called babi just now afternoon?asked him what is ren ming bi?after he answered i said bye.Oh hell,guess what he said?he said i purposely call him one actually the main reason is not to ask question but is to hear his voice wor.Ahem..perasan!I'm not,okay!HaHa. And he promised to buy me a pair of shoe?right?Converse?Thanks darling!
I missed the gathering for nic and hao again=( how sad.Due to several crap reasons.Sigh..but hopefully the 27th plan on.I called babi just now.Oh hell,i don't know why i would suddenly have this feeling.Hmm.I'm so afraid of losing him and thanks for listened to me=D Omg,i'm so excited for the trips ya.I need confirmation now,but actually still need to wait for about 2-3-4 weeks?=( And i'm listing down what i need now ya.
  • A pair of shoes.
  • A pair of sandal which i can wear to coll and shops.
  • A back pack.
  • Necklace for the matchings.
  • Earrings.
  • Small bag for putting those stuff =.=
  • Present for sis & Bro.
  • Clothes from the net! I need more and more clothes seriously=D
  • Jeans.
What else ya?Can't think anymore yet.Wanna sleep d.Bye.Miss you babi,you better reload your phone!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Oh.my blog won't be dead as i'll update it everyday or any time!Reason?oh hell.Cuz i'm damn free! 8po asking me whether wanna plan a trip or not.Genting?Lost world?Beach party ya?Haha!Hmm.i sure want! But still can't due of several reasons! Haih.How sad.Hari ini kami guna BM!Babi text saya,dia kata dia sangat hebat!Wahaha:) sleep at 3am?chat with 8po,sis and online the whole night.Hmm.thinking what can i do today ya?I've in love in online shopping recently.Die le == Hmm.I'm busy looking for information of Cameron=) Can't wait for it.Well,its actually someone's plan but then i feel that it is a nice plan for me and babi too ya!So ON! Hehehe^^

The plan=D

The plan surely ON.Just waiting for the money=D Lol Omg.I can't wait for it! I'm too free,and spam everyone's wall=D Byee.Night!

Sem break-ing.

Kinda boring sem break.I've no plan with the gang also=( Hmm.but i did enjoys baking cakes with mom and sis and doing those crazy crazy things with the little monkey:) Lol Darling had spent rm400 on his new girlfriend today:(
Ohya! He and she texting again.He said hey,i've a good news for you.She replied,ohya?just tell. I won the game. =.= I miss you babi. Babi?no babi here.Go to farm find. =.= again.
Haha,Some photos to share:) Bye=p
The marble cake:)

The yummy chocolate cake=D

The special pudding bread(=

My sis & i :)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

He and She texting.

He and she is texting.

He: 喂,快点过来给我抱你,肥婆。

She: You better hug me tight when we meet!

He: Okay,so better you become thinner than now.

She: Oh why? If I’m fat,you don’t want lar?

She is still waiting for he to reply and she actually very sleepy and wanna sleep to dream of he already. He is too slow to reply she msg!

A Sudden Feels.

I saw someone. That someone looks like YOU. Make me remember about YOU. We had stop contacting since, the day we end? Or? Hmm. I wonder why I will have this feeling. But,a big question mark on my head. Asking why we should stop contacting? I can’t really remember for the reason we end. Is, I tried to stable back and tried with you, but still there’s no way. But can we just be friend? Can you just give me a chance and stop misunderstanding me or get me any wrong?I mean,yeah..Open your heart.For the sake’s of friendship. I just don’t know why I will try to search you on facebook even blog. Can I nugde you on MSN? Will you give me any response? I don’t mean anything, but I felt so sad for the unsolvable problems and unsave-able friendship! Aww,I think I’m gonna try to nugde you later?or sooner? Lol

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Miss you,so badly.

I’ve counted! Is about 14-15 days more to go! Omg,I miss you so much,like so badly. Can’t wait to share with you stories and plan for trips.Let you try my bakings too! I miss you. And, Haha..the so-called surprise I gave you just now:) So,no worries anymore.Tata!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Boy:)

He’s my boy. The only one I truly love. He’s kind, understanding, loving and always concern about me. I simply couldn’t live without him. Yea, he quite serious and don’t really like to join my activities such yum cha or just hanging out with the gang unless there’s a reason for him to do so.

Hmm..Sometime I wonder why. I just want him to be with me all the times, but why he chose to be at home doing his own stuff rather than joining me.Lol But I’ll respect whatever he wants as I just want to see him happy.

Well, there’s some time that make me pissed off too. Erm..Sometime, when I trying to do something on people. I mean like, posting people bad on facebook? Or telling others that she’s crap or he’s shit. He’ll stop me! And will give me 2-3 boring lecture which my ears would be painful. Lol I will feel like, what the hell? I’m your girlfriend. Why don’t you just support me? Huh! He’ll still stop me. At that time, I’ll feel that he don’t love me and don’t even understand my feeling.

But well, at the end of the day, I realize that whatever he does is for my own good. He just doesn’t want me to get into trouble and just don’t do something that are wrong. Hmm..Sometime we’ll do the wrong thing, but we just never realize that. But it doesn’t mean other people won’t realize, when they’re telling you that what you do is wrong, your mind will set,Fuck off! It’s my stuff! If you don’t support me, just go fuck yourself. Right? Hmm.WE seldom will think that, Yes, you’re right, I shouldn’t do that, thanks for telling me. Hahaha=)

I’m not telling you guys that my babe is the best, or showing off to people just like ‘someone’ always does. I’m just wanna show him some appreciation I’m giving him

A best friend of mine, Styler, she has a great boy too. Her boy, will always throw her some advices and stop her to do the wrong things. Yea, sometime, she may be stubborn. Lol But yet, her boy’ll advice her patiently. Another best buddy, Pui Pui, her boy, totally great and..GREAT! haha..She’s so lucky to have him to guide her all the times. Since she quite naughty, Haha..Her boy led her well and same! Will stop her to do something nonsense.

So, a good boyfriend doesn’t mean have to support whatever you do all the times, without knowing that you do the right thing or wrong thing. If it is a right thing to do, he won’t stop but encourage you to do more, of cuz if it is a wrong thing, he will scold you and try his best to stop you from doing the wrong.

Hmm..So, ask yourself. Does your boyfriend truly love you? Care about you and concern you? Or he’ll just support you in whatever you do just to give you a temporary happiness? If your boy knows that you’re trying to cheat on exam, will he stop you? If your boy knows that you’re trying to steal friend’s money, will he stop you? If your boy knows that you’re trying to create a story just to break others’ relationship, will he stop you? If your boy knows that you’re trying to say lies to others, will he ever stop you? If he knows that you’re trying to do the wrong stuff, will he stop and advice you?

I'm proud to say that,My boy will=) Styler’s and Pui pui’s boy will too=) So how about Yours?? If He truly love YOU,HE’ll give you lesson instead of support you without knowing the fact and FUCK OTHER PEOPLE ! BITCH !

Monday, September 06, 2010

Acting innocent.

If you never cross my line and do something that may make me fire,i won't even care and notice about you.Who are you?Not even my rubbish.The problem is,you done it!You make up stories to break the relationship between my friend,you make the friend misunderstood me,now,when i already know the true face you have,am i wrong to warning you to stop interfere in my stuff? Its my own stuff!!
Now you're telling the whole world that i scolded you?Do you think people will trust you after you done the wrong thing?Ohya,have lar.3 or 4?or not more than 10?If people got brain one sure know who's in fault who's in right kay?So,i don't give any fuck care,cuz you know why?80% over 100% people already knows the truth.And just see ya,even someone that we don't know also dislike you.Tadaaaa..and your dark secret in my hand.But don't worry,i won't tell anyone because others knows it more than i do.Hahahaha:)
So stop pretending that you're innocent.I'm totally sick of it.We all sick of you!! You can get supports,but i tell you now,i have supporters too:) You can act pity in front of someone,because want or don't want,he has support you,you see.I may be too much,yea..not everyone dare to do like i'm doing now,but if you've rights to fight for your own good,i won't be dumb to keep quiet.Hey,unless i was in the wrong lar,then i won't be shout at you like hell.Now the problem is,i have the rights to fight for myself.I won't be stupid to let you conquer my friend's mind.Saying what?Liyana is bad.Liyana say you bla bla bla.Oh hell,what are you trying to do?Are you jealous of me?huh?Or you feel that you have not enough enemies?OMG.And the fuckin main point is,I won't kacau you if you can stop interfere in my stuff.I won't even look at your shit face lar,as your face looks like elephant's asshole:) Well,you can say me like that,so i can too right! So Fuck yourself off Ms crap! Thank you..

Saturday, September 04, 2010

So good feel !

Hahaha:) even though it sounds so bad.But,I felt happy and thanks for the support given. Yeah, I get all the supports from them all. Well,I’m not doing any wrong, is her ! Shit fuck her ! omg.Her face is like, indescribable cuz too bitch d. And her attitude was like crap, worst than crap. Her face thick as cement. Still dare to treat other people as her driver wor, ahh, she just don’t know that so-called ‘driver’ actually hate her like hell! Omg.Feel like slapping her! Hey bitch, I wish you read this post and realize that millions of people hating you like shit. So better go buy mirror for yourself,bitch. Is ms B.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

heal the pains.

Had so much fun just now-the BBQ. It’s a suddenly decision that timmy and I made. We rushed to tesco yesterday and I marinade the chicken wings and the lamb by timmy at night:) went to tesco again just now with darling to find tembikai but unfortunately don’t have. Went to oldtown with styler to find it and get some other things that are needed. Even though the rain falling non stop but our plan still on.And thanks god we still can manage it successfully. Special thanks to darling and styler for fetching and sending to here and there:) Pui pui,davide,Helen,timmy,issac and hong weng for helping. Aww! I’ve started to miss you guys=p Lol enjoyed the moments we had spent together ya. The photo-taking session. Makan session and being crazy with issac:) Hahahaha. The moment of drinking ice lemon tea with dear pui pui is fun!! Lol and how sweet we are. The cleaning session is fun too! Play the water sambil cleaning.Wow. and and and the time we shower styler’s car.hehe.Hmmm..it remind me the time I had a BBQ with tian tian mimi and YOU=p Miss ya.

I’m so happy today.Even though feels so tired and my throat started to pain.Hmm.My darling already not feeling well. *get well soon sayangku. Lol Overall,it’s just fuuuuuuunnnn!! And looking forward to some other planning.But final coming, we need to study study study! Hmm.

Well,at least it can make me carefree.I don’t even remember every single thing that upset me.But deep inside my small and weak heart asking ‘why second problem always come find me once I settled the first problem?’ ‘why there’s no chance for me to rest,even awhile?’ and why?you never trust me?am I so bad in your eyes?hmm.So many whys.You know what?i’m tired.I don’t feel to fight with you because its useless.You already set in your mind that I’m bad,so I’ll forever bad! But fine.Liyana,you should be happy today! Ya! I’m happy:) Guys,I love you all.Thanks for brighten up my life.Darling,thanks for loving me.I LOVE YOU.

Friday, August 13, 2010

the little fact that you got to accept.

Things that happening is all with a reason. Sometime I wonder why my parents want me to come here for study. If that time I reject the suggestion, then I think I won’t have him in my life. And I won’t get the happiness with them all. I won’t have chance to learn to overcome some problem. I won’t learn to stand up whenever the ball hits me down and I won’t learn how to deal with different people, situations and feelings. Thanks to God for given me this golden opportunity and chances.

Yes, in our life, there is always give and take. You won’t be perfect and not everything you want, you can get it. I tried my best to show them that I can, but unfortunately they simply can’t see it, I tried to forget about the past, but unfortunately the memories reluctant to go away. I tried to learn to love them and trust them that they had changed, but unfortunately they never change at all.

But one thing is, I really appreciate the things that I have now. Yea, I never deny that I always take things for granted. Always make a lot of complain about this and that. Asking for so many whys. But at the end of the day. I still feel very grateful and thankful to God, by saying, AT LEAST I’M BETTER THAN THEM. I still have my family that very supportive. I still have my babe that always loves me. I still have girlfriends that willing to spend their time with me. I still have many chances to prove that I’m not rubbish. I still have many ways to have a better life.

I started to love myself even more. I won’t care what they’ll think. Because want or don’t want. The facts, you got to accept!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


So long never update my blog. Yea, busy and lazy=p well, the event had end. Now only need to pay extra attention to the coming final. I’m worry about Law! It’s so hard for me. Lol Hmm. Anyway,I’ll still try my very best=)

Went to de garden with dar, styler and davide. Had fun and took some pictures for our assignment. Photos, will be upload soon.

Last night had a great time with 3 of them as I mentioned just now plus fei poh and monica. As usual, we yum cha and chat chat chat for the whole night. I’m happy. Feel sooo free like a bird. Haha. I’m finding a room to rent. Feel wanna move out from here since I feel like a stranger. But the other way of thinking, why should we move? This house we found leh. Sigh..let’s see how.

Last night after the dataran session, had an argument with him. I was so tired! And I prefer to keep quiet or else I’ll not be able to control myself. Going back this weekend. My bro as well. Ohya,he want me to buy him something,but so sorry.I’m pk now. I think I should puasa also. Save some moneyJ Lol

I’m so tired! Tired like hell!!!! I don’t wanna argue anymore!! Leave me alone. I need some time to decide what should I do and take as my last decision=(

Happy of the comments given regarding of our event. I know we had done a very good job. Thanks ms pushpha for the compliments, guidelines, supports and cares.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Listing Failed.

Failed to be a good,
  • -daughter for my dad and mom
  • -sister for fifah and boy.
  • -girlfriend for him.
  • -best friend for her.
  • -friend for them.
  • -student for lecturers.
  • -listener for those who needs my ears.
  • -helper for those who needs my hands.
  • -communicator.
  • -normal person.
I'm just failed! failed! failed! Failed to be everything!!!!
no matter how i tried,how i wished,how i do.The result is just the same,i'm suck!
If i can stop the time to run forward.How i wish not to come here.So that dad won't be like this,so that i won't have any relationship with him,so that i won't because of the relationship,lose friends.Dad don't have to waste money for me.Mom don't have to worry so much.Bro and sis don't have to miss me and hope for me to go back.And i,do not have to suffer like now.OMG.Stop crying okay! That's useless.


Everything is starts to change.Some change to better one,but some are not at all.Yea,quite busy with the event now,so not really have time to think about it:) today is very bad and emo day for me.Last night slept with an angry mode.And today woke up with angry too,since phone out of credit,no way to contact chee kok and he was busy til couldn't reply my messages! well,i don't think he'll know if i'm dying since the phone will not by his side most of the time.Is either no credit or no battery or in silence mode.
During the exhibition just now,i saw him.Someone that are really close to me-used to be.The most hurtful part is,i don't even have the courage to say hi to him,but the rest of them,had a great hi with him,even with photos.Who's to blame?Ya,i seems,we all seems carefree about it,but there's a big thorn in my small heart.I don't feel comfortable when we act like a stranger when meet each other.Be in the same roof,but don't even say a word to each other.
no one know that today i'm so emo.Even you.I smile,doesn't mean i'm okay.Alot of stuff is playing in my mind!!!!! so stop with your fuck actions.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



How annoying!ohmygod.FML!!! still have many things pending:( Law assignment,photo essay,this and that.Alotttttttt of crapsssssss to do!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Copied pasted:)

current mood – happy
current music – need you now
current hair style – let go with short fringe
current crush – don't have since i already have Lol
current thing I ought to be doing - kill them!
current windows open - Blog, msn ,facebook
current desktop picture – empty
current book – Public speaking text book. .

what colour is your hair – Very dark brown
current piercings - ears.
have any tattoos - Nope
straight hair or curly – Straight
how tall are you – 159 cm.counted as 160cm la wey!

top – Black shirt
pants – short
shoes – slipper
necklaces – Nope
rings – Yea,couple ring:).
bracelets – Yes,wore his as well.

last person you hung out with – Err,chee kok. .
last thing you said out loud -Diu lo :)
last thing someone said to you –You're funny:)
last person you called – Styler chai.
last person that rang you – Nick.
last time you cried –Last night.

did you ever get into a fist fight in school - No.
did you ever run away from home - Never,think before but won't.
did you ever want to be a doctor - When i was a kid.
did you ever do something you regret – Yes.

believe in God – yeah
Know how to swim - sure
do you like roller coasters – yeah
do you own a bike - no,and i don't want too.
do you think you’d make a good mum – will.

have you ever been on a plane - yes,in the dream:)
have you ever asked someone out – for sure !.
have you ever been to the ocean – Yes
have you ever gone fishing - yes,its fun and fun!
have you ever taken drugs – No,don't want to try it at all!

what are you listening to – Chee kok mumbling at me.
what is the temperature outside - hot like hell
what was the last restaurant you ate at – kam seng with chee kok,keong daddy and hong weng gor.
what was the last thing you bought – watch!
what was the last thing you had to drink – orange juice.
what are you watching on tv - just the advertisment:)

who was the last person to be kind - my mom
who talked to you on the phone - friend of mine.
who is your current celebrity crush – Justin?
who was the last person you took picture of – chee kok .
who was the last person you said i love you to – chee kok.

ever really cried your heart out – yes,these few days
ever cried yourself to sleep – Yes
ever cried on your friend’s shoulder - yes .
ever cried over the opposite sex - yes.
do you cry when you get an injury – Most of the time!hees..
do certain songs make you cry – sometimes
last film that made you cry - Lion king,considered?

what can make you happy – Family gathered together .
do you wish you were happier - yes,very yes.
can music make you happy - sure.

how many times have you had your heart broken -twice?
has anyone ever loved you so much that they’d die for you – no such stupid person in real life.Only movies.
has anyone ever said ‘i love you’ to you – ya,just.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Living alone is somehow fun.

Oh yea yea..i'm all alone.Well..everyone dump me.Guess you feel pretty nice right now cz no one gonna disturb you and annoy you huh?Congratulation ya! Oh.so now,i should cry out loud?or do anything that i want to?Like no one care right?yes.Imma do whatever i want now.YES.IM SELFISH.No one could understand me.So do I:)

Friday, July 09, 2010


Who can understand the feels of mine now?Who's the someone?Seriously i never think that this incident would appear in my life. Can i face it with Gods' strength?hope so.Why so hard for you to forgive the past?and treat me as how i should be treated.Someday, i felt left out. Yet,do not have the courage to stand up raise up the hands.Because the result seem to be the same all the time never change.I'm useless among the rest?Maybe.I miss the home.With happiness surround us,with laughter accompany us.Can i still have the chance?No matter i tried,why still same?It's destiny?or I'm dumb?How come others can have it?I can't?I used to think that they're crap,yes,that's the fact that they're crap.But after see the reflection from own mirror.The loser is myself.How sad ya. If only i can shout out loud now,i just wanted to shout to all of you,my dearest,I miss you and love you all:) How can i live without you all? and how i wish to be right in front of u and we were chat about something that totally could not be understand by outsiders.Great right?

Friday, June 25, 2010

a kind of people.

I hardly describe the feeling of mine now.It wasn't so serious right?Why need to drop the tears?Lol Is like,the feeling of,frustrated.maybe.Hmm..feeling of sad?disappointing?or..hurt?Hmm.I don't know! How come have this kind of people?Sigh.i also wondering@@ Omg.don't you know that everyone hate you now?and i tried to be nice with and forgave you,but why still never change?you still mad right?still could not let go the ego you have,am i right?Fuck you!!!!Well,i'm sure you guys readers want to know who's that guy i'm talking about.I really want to spell out his name.Hmm..but will i get sued??Haha..
anyway,the person i'm talking about is a male.ktar student.my class.always acts smart but he wasn't.always try to give joke,but it wasn't funny at all.ugly.dark skin colour.and..the one who has position in the class:)
let's guess:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Busy.For the campaign,Public speaking especially,with the....sigh.I feel so tired.This few days i get lack of sleep.Always went metoo with styler chai.Hahaha.Anyway,i got DSLR with me ady:) Yeah..so i'll start to capture around,not only for the assignment.Lol but for my own properties as well.
hmm..what else?ohya,my cooking skill! Walaoweh..improved alot! Who said i'm stupid huh?cheh..most of the times,they finished the cooks and praised me=p Lol Lol Lol not showing off kay,just that,feel so happy.From nothing to something:)
I don't like my law lecturer.Both of them.Law subject is quite interesting but.ohno.I or we don't think that the lecturers is good.But god,please,i don't want to resit!So,please make me understand easily when i'm doing revision=D Winny liew is a good lecturer,too good,too pro that sometimes make us stress.The pressure she gave,OMG..Ms pushpa is always that kind and good! Sir,aiyo..no need to say,is tooooo kind! that sometime make me feel that attending his class is just for relax or,wasting time.Lol
With him,well,trying to solve everything.I don't wanna think for too much first.One thing that i can be sure is,I love him much.Hehe.
Styler,happy and enjoyed metoo with her this few night.Went westlake for chit chat,release stress together,gossiping.^^ the feeling is so damn nice.You're the only one and suitable friend i've found here=p yeah..you're really SH de.Haha.Anyway,add oil together for the PS crap.Lol * and i know you're tired.
To them.Thanks for understanding me.I've decided to go home this weekend! yeah.
Hmm..what else ya?i think that all the things i wanna list.And it may be a crap for someone or two,but not for some others.Lol *no,you won't understand because you're crap! Still hating you!!,yes you!*

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Totally in ♥ with penang:)

Here are just some of the photos we took:) Lol i'm kinda lazy to type..But the trip was so fun and enjoyable:)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

This is for you.

It wasn't nice when we talk,someone will interrupt you or the other person you're talking to is not paying attention or doesn't understand what you're trying to say.Hmm.it was very hurtful for you and me to be in this situation.Like now,staying in the same roof,but still need to acts like cats and dogs.I'm hurt.
I've told you,i'm going to make a decision for us both.And i'm sure the decision that i'm going to make is the decision that i'll never regret.So,please,let us try to be cool for these days and be a sweet couple kay?Do you understand me?I'll try to change to a better one,and hope you'll too.I love you.That's the only word i can say to you.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pen without ink.

When something aren't turn to something that you want,for sure you'll down like hell.My mind is so busy thinking for the best way ever.My heart feels so pain when i imagine how my life would be without all these.The problem is,i could never have the feeling to let go.But at the same time,feel some kind of tired,like,totally exhausted.No matter how i try,why the things still in the same situation?Why i just can't be calm whenever difficulties find me?I was like,nothing.Ever.I failed.And now,the decision that i'm going to make,hopefully will not drive me to regret=)So,please rest my mind for others,i just want to focus on these crap feelings and look forward with a better way.Yes,i know i can=)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

when the ball hits you down.

I was so surprise that you know about it.I was so touch.Thank you,at least you make me feel that you're still care and concern about me.I understand,and i don't want to give you so much trouble.The promises i've made,hopefully will turn true=p
I love you and i just wanna shout to the world that,I MISS YOU SO MUCH!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

U again.

Sometimes,i did feel bad for treating you like this.In fact,everyone of us now=p But,well..this is what you 'asking' for.You're so thick face..hello,you know people don't like you,please la,get away from us.Still have face trying to be good with us,or her.I never see your this type of living thing not until i met you.Haha..You..ugly creature.Yes..is You! Good if know that we dislike you for so much..so what are you waiting for?Fuck off la.Give people so much trouble..need people's help,but still need people to wait you.Tak tahu malu punya orang!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Finally,its over:)yea..i'm totally exhausted.Hmm..what i feel?Err..happy but a little bit dissapointed:( didn't get any prize but yet i know they've tried their very best.
I'm group 18's GF.My partner,Kelvin.Had tried our best to lead the group.Yea..for the first and second day,they were so quiet and totally no response to all my questions.Lol But later on,okay,and some of them even dare to 'bully' me.Haha..i love them!!
Actually,i'm never want it to end like this:( maybe my expectation too high.Haha..had problems with my partner,some members not giving me cooperation,difficulties dealing with all the committees.For this whole week,i'm totally lack of rest.Even less time to spend wit my beloved.Sorry^^ In fact,a week before O'week starts,we,Committees,OAs and GFs were busy preparing for freshies.So,i really feel down because some of them never appreciate what we had done for them.Hmm,anyway,its over.And im finally free and back to my normal life:) Haha..
Thanks to those who willing to listen when i was complaining about this and that,esp my hsemates,Wai keong,who complaint that i love to complain.Hahaha..Hong weng,lee jing and of cuz my both darling,Ck and Styler chai.Thanks yea Styler for lending me your ears when i'm down.Thanks for all the supports:) Happy birthday to you! I appreciate you so much! Love you^^
Errr..photos..i'll upload soon^^

Friday, April 30, 2010

Don't wanna close my eyes.

I was told by him about it.And i was like,omg.Hmm.I don't want it to be happen and each time i close my eyes,I'll worry about it.Yet,i do not have other way to help.Just to pray to God,may You give him a way and lead us as well:) 3 more days gonna back to kampar.Happy?or sad?Hmm.the new hse waiting for us to clean as well.Lol
Miss you.See you soon!


My heart had felt so empty without you! ♥

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is it too late to apologize?

I'm speechless since then.Sigh.What i want,what i hope,what i wish,i just can't get it.Why?
tired to be like this.Because i really don't like the feels.I know,is cause from me.Sorry.
Maybe there are a better and nicer one for you.As i know,i'm nothing good for you.Damn myself.I'm sorry:(
Take care yea,see you another week more.Gonna miss you like crazy.Yet,this break goona be a good chance for me to calm down myself.Sorry.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I hate friday the most.

I know i know.Its sucha silly thinking but oh hell,i really hate Friday the most.I mean,starts to hate it.
-No classes on the next day.
-Leaving this hell place.
-Leaving them.
-Meet my family in the weekend.
-Cannot online.
-Argue with him.
-Gonna miss him.
-No nice foods to eat.
-Fan about brownie.
ohhhhh hell.I didn't mean anything la.I just don't wish to argue with you.Why Friday?Can't we be nice on this day?Straight few weeks of Fridays we had these ridiculous arguments.SERIOUSLY.NO JOKES!Sien ahh.>.< Yet,sorry,really sorry.I know it was my fault again.Every time is me,me,and me.Sorry.
Love You The Most,anyhow.