Thursday, June 24, 2010


Busy.For the campaign,Public speaking especially,with the....sigh.I feel so tired.This few days i get lack of sleep.Always went metoo with styler chai.Hahaha.Anyway,i got DSLR with me ady:) i'll start to capture around,not only for the assignment.Lol but for my own properties as well.
hmm..what else?ohya,my cooking skill! Walaoweh..improved alot! Who said i'm stupid huh?cheh..most of the times,they finished the cooks and praised me=p Lol Lol Lol not showing off kay,just that,feel so happy.From nothing to something:)
I don't like my law lecturer.Both of them.Law subject is quite interesting but.ohno.I or we don't think that the lecturers is good.But god,please,i don't want to resit!So,please make me understand easily when i'm doing revision=D Winny liew is a good lecturer,too good,too pro that sometimes make us stress.The pressure she gave,OMG..Ms pushpa is always that kind and good! Sir, need to say,is tooooo kind! that sometime make me feel that attending his class is just for relax or,wasting time.Lol
With him,well,trying to solve everything.I don't wanna think for too much first.One thing that i can be sure is,I love him much.Hehe.
Styler,happy and enjoyed metoo with her this few night.Went westlake for chit chat,release stress together,gossiping.^^ the feeling is so damn nice.You're the only one and suitable friend i've found here=p're really SH de.Haha.Anyway,add oil together for the PS crap.Lol * and i know you're tired.
To them.Thanks for understanding me.I've decided to go home this weekend! yeah.
Hmm..what else ya?i think that all the things i wanna list.And it may be a crap for someone or two,but not for some others.Lol *no,you won't understand because you're crap! Still hating you!!,yes you!*

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