Friday, April 30, 2010

Don't wanna close my eyes.

I was told by him about it.And i was like,omg.Hmm.I don't want it to be happen and each time i close my eyes,I'll worry about it.Yet,i do not have other way to help.Just to pray to God,may You give him a way and lead us as well:) 3 more days gonna back to kampar.Happy?or sad?Hmm.the new hse waiting for us to clean as well.Lol
Miss you.See you soon!


My heart had felt so empty without you! ♥

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is it too late to apologize?

I'm speechless since then.Sigh.What i want,what i hope,what i wish,i just can't get it.Why?
tired to be like this.Because i really don't like the feels.I know,is cause from me.Sorry.
Maybe there are a better and nicer one for you.As i know,i'm nothing good for you.Damn myself.I'm sorry:(
Take care yea,see you another week more.Gonna miss you like crazy.Yet,this break goona be a good chance for me to calm down myself.Sorry.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I hate friday the most.

I know i know.Its sucha silly thinking but oh hell,i really hate Friday the most.I mean,starts to hate it.
-No classes on the next day.
-Leaving this hell place.
-Leaving them.
-Meet my family in the weekend.
-Cannot online.
-Argue with him.
-Gonna miss him.
-No nice foods to eat.
-Fan about brownie.
ohhhhh hell.I didn't mean anything la.I just don't wish to argue with you.Why Friday?Can't we be nice on this day?Straight few weeks of Fridays we had these ridiculous arguments.SERIOUSLY.NO JOKES!Sien ahh.>.< Yet,sorry,really sorry.I know it was my fault again.Every time is me,me,and me.Sorry.
Love You The Most,anyhow.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Saddie boxes.

Seriously,lifeless people just don't know how to think.Oh haha,sure la,lifeless ma:) Lol
seriously they love to gossip abt people stuff la.act kind la.find others' fault la.aiyo,why don't you all go to mirror your fucking face?
*yes talking abt you and you and you,if it wasnt because of me,you can know each other meh??I know you'll read my blog one.Don't pretend,kay?Seriously your face is like bullcrap.wanna close it up.I know,you'll start to find your bloody handphone and dial up her number.''hey hey.I just read her blog ah'' ''who??'' ''neh..her lo,liyana ah'' ''ohh..any new info ah?'' ''aiyo,she so obvious talking abt us la.'' '' like that one de la.Don't care la.what we say now is useless one..bla bla bla..'' and alot of chinese chinese words come out.Lol

hmm.last night,the plan to club had been canceled due to several reasons.But still went ipoh to watch mv.We were so damn lucky,bought the ticket,get the front row sits but at the end found the empty row at the second last row.Huhu:) so nice sits:) went for makan and back kampar:) all the way,chat laugh tease. and i gtg.wanna find something to eat:) Byeeeeee..maooooooooo maooooo maoooooo..haha!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The line is fuckin slow.Those fuckers still not doing their job.But i don't give any fuck care,cuz i'm moving out from this fuckin place:) Lol still have 2 more fuckin papers and both is so damn fuckin hard.Tomorrow have plans,but not really in the mood since the papers still on.
Hey you,don't try to fuck with me.Please fuck off!I know you'll read my blog often and 8 abt MY stuff.You think i don't fuckin know??If you not happy with me,then why you still wanna 8 abt MY stuff?why don't you just go fuck yourself??omg.Can't tahan people like you.Once again,this is MY stuff,MY business,MY own things.You don't have to give any fuckin cares,okay?thank you very much:)


Monday, April 19, 2010


Had discussed some planning with her.And she agreed if i wanna continue.Psychology is my choice IF i can get through everything.*closed.I would like to thanks him once again for coming back to accompany me.Lol 2 more papers to go and 1 week for the break=p mom said:''You so free?nothing to do?got 2 weeks break but you itchy go be kepo abt peoples' stuff.'' after i think,yea also.Haha.but with a positive minded,i can gain some experiences by joining this(",) Aww.I watched a video just now.its abt photoshoot for the wedding=p how sweet.and a thought of you came into my mind:) wondering whether we could be like them?Lol hopefully.Hehe.. normal.No words at ok=)
last night.talked alot.she said:'' hey,if we don't like a person,no matter how,what they do,we'll don't like." haha..yea yea..i agreed! Just like her,her,her,and her.hahahaha=p
sometime people just couldn't understand that the hurts they gave may leave a scar.After we gave them a full heart,yea see,they'll act like nothing and easily ask us to give think so easy ah??at least need to wait for a few years la.the word 'give up' is so easy to say,but not easy to do.Even if we give up,the feel of guilty,down,pain will still exist.*no matter in which way of giving up=p
gotta go! byeee.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

used to be.

when i was young,i asked my parents before,why after a daddy and mommy sleep together,then the next day sure have a baby come out?and they was like.giggle and not really remember what they answer me.Lol hmm.when i was young,i used to stay with my grandmom.well you know her hse was like abit kampung and what's on my mind right now,is the games i used to play with my cousins.Hehe.I remember that,i saw a cat,alright,then i ran inside the hse,took the colour pencil and draw a fish,then cut it into a fish shape:) i gave it to the cat and wonder why the cat not come near me??I used to play hide and seek in the garden with them.I used to 'help' grandmom in the kitchen.I used to play the water bubbles with the cousin.I used to watch cartoon with them,fighting for the cartoon character.Haha..i'm pooh,the teletubies i mean.She's lala,he's depsy,and she's tinkiwinki:) haha.. Aww.I suddenly recall the memories.
How good if i still have the chance to go back to the times.I miss it:) Hmm.the small little chicks following their moms to find food.yellowish.small size.cute!seriously.Followed the aunt to plug the mangoes,rambutans and chikus.Oh,and the times i had masak masak with them! haha.and the times we play with the barbies:)
As we grow older,everything seems to fade.Everything changed.And we tent to forget the nice and bad moments we had spent together.Life.hmm?changes.Sometime i afraid of changes.Either the feelings,relationships,attitudes,everything may change.Yea,that's the truth.

Saturday, April 10, 2010



the experince.

Last night,yea,last night.Can be said that last night really a good great night :) spent my night with darling,styler,wai keong,ling shiao,sue zhen and sam:) at barroom,the actual planning,but had changed to zero degree.hmm..its fun,but not until a group of CBs datang kacau>.<>
*sorry darling,i've shouted at you.haha* yes yes,we went there by styler's car and she was worried that she'll bump into his dad.kakaka..great night:) at least we can relax our mind before the final.huhu:)
the only thing i hate is when the urine test.Like we take drug huh?and they were so curious which one is me??one by one call my name to see god we're free and continue with our party.haha..then,

hehe:) Reached kampar around 4am?or 5am? i just remember that i went toilet for several time and vomit.Darling sleep so tight til forgot my name.haha:)
anyway,i hope last night gave her the strength to move on:) cheer up^^
lastly,Happy great birthday to my dear lau wing ann:) muacks!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

After some times:)

Never update any for few days,since the line treat me so nice.hmm..anyway,i'm shifting this month.yeah^^
I wonder why some people just don't know how to appreciate the special precious thing that given to them.For now,i can see through her eyes that she really in pain.I don't know why i care for her so much.She's in pain,i knew it,me as well.I worry if i do not have the ability to comfort her,but yet,i hope that i manage to give her the concerns that she needs:) everything gonna be okay,please lord:)
As for him,like normal.Will face some ridiculous arguments.Haha.
Well,i hope he is my last,and the only one:) had plan for the future and may god guide us:) mood to blog time.byee=p

Friday, April 02, 2010

♥ sincere huggies

When a girl is crying in pain and feel so lost,suddenly a boy comes to give her a warm hug and comfort,that's the most sincere hug.
listen to me,
Is the most sincere sincere sincere and sincere:)
and now,Let me tell you,
just now,my the only one gave me the most sincere hug,the feeling is so nice that i ever had. thank you.