Thursday, September 23, 2010


Shirts,pants,undergarments,shampoo,conditioner, hair cares,facial cleanser,lotion,baby powder,deodorant,yoko-yoko,bio-oil,recipies,muffins,pudding bread,the voucher,chicken essence,money money money=),IC yeah,I always forget you.And,sandal.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Another 3 more days to go ya. Hmm..Happy plus excited plus lazy plus sad plus scare plus worry plus curious = what a crap feeling?! Ok well, can’t wait to see him and excited for the trip with them. I’m so down today. Oh hell, I guess no one can understand it. Wanna COL ! Ohya, one more thing, people always use the LOL in the wrong way ya, realized that? HaHa. LOL means laugh out loud. Some people thought that it means like, something that ends a sentence. ’ I wanna go eat now lo..’ but they use lol – I wanna go eat now lol so it was like ‘I wanna go eat now laugh out loud.’ Izit?0.o Wtf?

Hmm. Okay, end about LOL. Well, sometimes I would feel that it’s just wasting of time by explaining something. No matter how we explain about something, people might still think that you’re wrong because in their mind, you’re wrong! So, what for? Explaining for something that cannot be solved? Yea, if you’re not in wrong, but people keep saying that you’re wrong, you keep quiet, you’re a dumb, you see. But other way round, if you’re trying to explain something, but you’re just explaining to a cow, it works? LOL So, save your time, save your energy, better! gtg.Bye..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

So Soooooon.

OMG.6 more days? what? 7 more? ohhh..whatever! Its so freakin soon:) Looking forward for the honeymoon and the trip with them!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finally ♥

Finally,settled! Haha.Thank you Darling. I’m so happy to get your answer for my question.Lol Omg.I can’t wait to see you ! And thank you for the supports ya. Hmm..i’ll stay strong and face the problem. Yea, seriously, I do feel scare and worry about it. But pray to God that HE will lead me and guild me. I miss you!

Don't ever force me.

Fuck.I just get my new sem timetable..Hmm.Why got that subject one?Don't force me to take it ah i tell you! I don't even know a single thing about it.Since small never learn it don't tell me i can master it now huh?Please me..I believe in YOU,but i don't believe in THEIR TEACHING,THEIR RELIGION.Please..

Friday, September 17, 2010

No idea.

What is going wrong?I have no idea.But there's things happening that is really so wrong.Don't give any fuck reason as it doesn't make any sense,ok?I'm fed up with it,fed up with you.The feel of giving up is so strong.I just don't like to make myself hurt and pain.I'm not dumb.But at the same time i just don't want to be selfish,can anyone tell me what should i do?My mind is blank.Totally out of ideas.My heart bleeding non-stop.My brain is empty.My cells is dying. Heart-beating unsteadily -.- Omg.So fucking annoying!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Perhaps we shall take a break?Maybe,to have a kitkat?Hmm.It's selfish to do something without informing,but some times its just need the courage to do it.But the fact,I don't have it any.LoL Shall think & need more times=D
Nicole and HaoHao going UK soon.Oh hao going later?tomorrow?While Nicole going on 29th.Hmm.Hope can see you before you go=) Still remember the first time i met you=D The very first time we hang out,the dark dark secret we used to share,the supports we provide for each other=D,the laughter we shared.Hmm.everything is in my head here! and will Forever stay in my heart=D All the best to you both! Take good care.And perhaps?We shall meet there one day?HaHa..I wanna go there too.For a trip,maybe?Haha..still remember that you promised to be my doctor ya!=D better keep your word uh.
Miss you!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It must've been so hard on you
I'm sorry for all I put you through
I'm sorry for the helping hand I didn't lend
I wish I'd been a better one for you
trust me.
Never intended to hurt you
I regret it,i do.
What i did,i really regret.
Only a word-Sorry.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'll see you on next Sunday! and I won't disturb you for now!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Every moment of my life.

Every time I leave to head out on the road
I wanna take you with me to save me from the cold
No matter where I go wrong
you'll be there to turn it into right
I will love you every moment of my life

When I'm on an airplane, flyin' cross the sky
I know you're on a trainride, stations passin' by
No matter what the signs say
However in my mind you are by my side
I will love you every moment of my life

everyone misses something
And I know time changes everything
All the love that you have to give
you should give just as lost as you're holding that someone

I'd travel cross the great lakes to get to where you are
and even if forever wouldn't be too far
so baby when you asked me
to be the leading lady by your side
I promised to love you every moment of my life =D
I wish to sing this to you on our special day:)

Something new=D

Seriously, only now i know about this cute little cartoon=D POCOYO! Thanks sis

Today.Just today.Not tmr or yesterday.Is today=D

Hmm.i thought i can just eat 2 slices of cake for today.Just like yesterday.But opps,failed.Because,mom and i baked pudding bread with extra ingredients.Haha.I can't stop eating.Gosh!And mom fried rice and she forced me to eat.At first i refuse but then she said,okay,i know what i cook is not nice one..i was like =.= okay,i'll eat.
I called babi just now afternoon?asked him what is ren ming bi?after he answered i said bye.Oh hell,guess what he said?he said i purposely call him one actually the main reason is not to ask question but is to hear his voice wor.Ahem..perasan!I'm not,okay!HaHa. And he promised to buy me a pair of shoe?right?Converse?Thanks darling!
I missed the gathering for nic and hao again=( how sad.Due to several crap reasons.Sigh..but hopefully the 27th plan on.I called babi just now.Oh hell,i don't know why i would suddenly have this feeling.Hmm.I'm so afraid of losing him and thanks for listened to me=D Omg,i'm so excited for the trips ya.I need confirmation now,but actually still need to wait for about 2-3-4 weeks?=( And i'm listing down what i need now ya.
  • A pair of shoes.
  • A pair of sandal which i can wear to coll and shops.
  • A back pack.
  • Necklace for the matchings.
  • Earrings.
  • Small bag for putting those stuff =.=
  • Present for sis & Bro.
  • Clothes from the net! I need more and more clothes seriously=D
  • Jeans.
What else ya?Can't think anymore yet.Wanna sleep d.Bye.Miss you babi,you better reload your phone!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Babiku. blog won't be dead as i'll update it everyday or any time!Reason?oh hell.Cuz i'm damn free! 8po asking me whether wanna plan a trip or not.Genting?Lost world?Beach party ya?Haha!Hmm.i sure want! But still can't due of several reasons! Haih.How sad.Hari ini kami guna BM!Babi text saya,dia kata dia sangat hebat!Wahaha:) sleep at 3am?chat with 8po,sis and online the whole night.Hmm.thinking what can i do today ya?I've in love in online shopping recently.Die le == Hmm.I'm busy looking for information of Cameron=) Can't wait for it.Well,its actually someone's plan but then i feel that it is a nice plan for me and babi too ya!So ON! Hehehe^^

The plan=D

The plan surely ON.Just waiting for the money=D Lol Omg.I can't wait for it! I'm too free,and spam everyone's wall=D Byee.Night!

Sem break-ing.

Kinda boring sem break.I've no plan with the gang also=( Hmm.but i did enjoys baking cakes with mom and sis and doing those crazy crazy things with the little monkey:) Lol Darling had spent rm400 on his new girlfriend today:(
Ohya! He and she texting again.He said hey,i've a good news for you.She replied,ohya?just tell. I won the game. =.= I miss you babi. Babi?no babi here.Go to farm find. =.= again.
Haha,Some photos to share:) Bye=p
The marble cake:)

The yummy chocolate cake=D

The special pudding bread(=

My sis & i :)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

He and She texting.

He and she is texting.

He: 喂,快点过来给我抱你,肥婆。

She: You better hug me tight when we meet!

He: Okay,so better you become thinner than now.

She: Oh why? If I’m fat,you don’t want lar?

She is still waiting for he to reply and she actually very sleepy and wanna sleep to dream of he already. He is too slow to reply she msg!

A Sudden Feels.

I saw someone. That someone looks like YOU. Make me remember about YOU. We had stop contacting since, the day we end? Or? Hmm. I wonder why I will have this feeling. But,a big question mark on my head. Asking why we should stop contacting? I can’t really remember for the reason we end. Is, I tried to stable back and tried with you, but still there’s no way. But can we just be friend? Can you just give me a chance and stop misunderstanding me or get me any wrong?I mean,yeah..Open your heart.For the sake’s of friendship. I just don’t know why I will try to search you on facebook even blog. Can I nugde you on MSN? Will you give me any response? I don’t mean anything, but I felt so sad for the unsolvable problems and unsave-able friendship! Aww,I think I’m gonna try to nugde you later?or sooner? Lol

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Miss you,so badly.

I’ve counted! Is about 14-15 days more to go! Omg,I miss you so much,like so badly. Can’t wait to share with you stories and plan for trips.Let you try my bakings too! I miss you. And, Haha..the so-called surprise I gave you just now:) So,no worries anymore.Tata!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Boy:)

He’s my boy. The only one I truly love. He’s kind, understanding, loving and always concern about me. I simply couldn’t live without him. Yea, he quite serious and don’t really like to join my activities such yum cha or just hanging out with the gang unless there’s a reason for him to do so.

Hmm..Sometime I wonder why. I just want him to be with me all the times, but why he chose to be at home doing his own stuff rather than joining me.Lol But I’ll respect whatever he wants as I just want to see him happy.

Well, there’s some time that make me pissed off too. Erm..Sometime, when I trying to do something on people. I mean like, posting people bad on facebook? Or telling others that she’s crap or he’s shit. He’ll stop me! And will give me 2-3 boring lecture which my ears would be painful. Lol I will feel like, what the hell? I’m your girlfriend. Why don’t you just support me? Huh! He’ll still stop me. At that time, I’ll feel that he don’t love me and don’t even understand my feeling.

But well, at the end of the day, I realize that whatever he does is for my own good. He just doesn’t want me to get into trouble and just don’t do something that are wrong. Hmm..Sometime we’ll do the wrong thing, but we just never realize that. But it doesn’t mean other people won’t realize, when they’re telling you that what you do is wrong, your mind will set,Fuck off! It’s my stuff! If you don’t support me, just go fuck yourself. Right? Hmm.WE seldom will think that, Yes, you’re right, I shouldn’t do that, thanks for telling me. Hahaha=)

I’m not telling you guys that my babe is the best, or showing off to people just like ‘someone’ always does. I’m just wanna show him some appreciation I’m giving him

A best friend of mine, Styler, she has a great boy too. Her boy, will always throw her some advices and stop her to do the wrong things. Yea, sometime, she may be stubborn. Lol But yet, her boy’ll advice her patiently. Another best buddy, Pui Pui, her boy, totally great and..GREAT! haha..She’s so lucky to have him to guide her all the times. Since she quite naughty, Haha..Her boy led her well and same! Will stop her to do something nonsense.

So, a good boyfriend doesn’t mean have to support whatever you do all the times, without knowing that you do the right thing or wrong thing. If it is a right thing to do, he won’t stop but encourage you to do more, of cuz if it is a wrong thing, he will scold you and try his best to stop you from doing the wrong.

Hmm..So, ask yourself. Does your boyfriend truly love you? Care about you and concern you? Or he’ll just support you in whatever you do just to give you a temporary happiness? If your boy knows that you’re trying to cheat on exam, will he stop you? If your boy knows that you’re trying to steal friend’s money, will he stop you? If your boy knows that you’re trying to create a story just to break others’ relationship, will he stop you? If your boy knows that you’re trying to say lies to others, will he ever stop you? If he knows that you’re trying to do the wrong stuff, will he stop and advice you?

I'm proud to say that,My boy will=) Styler’s and Pui pui’s boy will too=) So how about Yours?? If He truly love YOU,HE’ll give you lesson instead of support you without knowing the fact and FUCK OTHER PEOPLE ! BITCH !

Monday, September 06, 2010

Acting innocent.

If you never cross my line and do something that may make me fire,i won't even care and notice about you.Who are you?Not even my rubbish.The problem is,you done it!You make up stories to break the relationship between my friend,you make the friend misunderstood me,now,when i already know the true face you have,am i wrong to warning you to stop interfere in my stuff? Its my own stuff!!
Now you're telling the whole world that i scolded you?Do you think people will trust you after you done the wrong thing?Ohya,have lar.3 or 4?or not more than 10?If people got brain one sure know who's in fault who's in right kay?So,i don't give any fuck care,cuz you know why?80% over 100% people already knows the truth.And just see ya,even someone that we don't know also dislike you.Tadaaaa..and your dark secret in my hand.But don't worry,i won't tell anyone because others knows it more than i do.Hahahaha:)
So stop pretending that you're innocent.I'm totally sick of it.We all sick of you!! You can get supports,but i tell you now,i have supporters too:) You can act pity in front of someone,because want or don't want,he has support you,you see.I may be too much,yea..not everyone dare to do like i'm doing now,but if you've rights to fight for your own good,i won't be dumb to keep quiet.Hey,unless i was in the wrong lar,then i won't be shout at you like hell.Now the problem is,i have the rights to fight for myself.I won't be stupid to let you conquer my friend's mind.Saying what?Liyana is bad.Liyana say you bla bla bla.Oh hell,what are you trying to do?Are you jealous of me?huh?Or you feel that you have not enough enemies?OMG.And the fuckin main point is,I won't kacau you if you can stop interfere in my stuff.I won't even look at your shit face lar,as your face looks like elephant's asshole:) Well,you can say me like that,so i can too right! So Fuck yourself off Ms crap! Thank you..

Saturday, September 04, 2010

So good feel !

Hahaha:) even though it sounds so bad.But,I felt happy and thanks for the support given. Yeah, I get all the supports from them all. Well,I’m not doing any wrong, is her ! Shit fuck her ! omg.Her face is like, indescribable cuz too bitch d. And her attitude was like crap, worst than crap. Her face thick as cement. Still dare to treat other people as her driver wor, ahh, she just don’t know that so-called ‘driver’ actually hate her like hell! Omg.Feel like slapping her! Hey bitch, I wish you read this post and realize that millions of people hating you like shit. So better go buy mirror for yourself,bitch. Is ms B.