Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last night post

Raining right now.
Stare out from the window.
Saw some kids playing in the rain.
i wish to join them.
don't know when is the time for me to play in the rain like them.
I'm sure it'll totally will be fun fun and fun!!
looking forward for the kl trip=)
even though the purpose is for the assignment,
but i think it will be enjoyable=)
but not sure dad will allow or not~~
Just now,
i was searching something inside the box.
saw those things that you gave me before.
20th of april 2009 is the day we break leh~~
now only realized it=)
those things were so special and beautiful till i don't feel to throw it away.
hmm..but at last,
i've decided to throw it away=)
now those things already inside the rubbish bin.hehe=)
today mood very nice leh~~
can laugh alone=) haha!
have mood to study also=) good=)
after blogging,wanna continue study=)
i miss all of them lo..hmm..faster come back ler~~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saw Them,Remember you=)

I saw them.
And will always see them.
And also the other them.
Sometime she'll share with me about them also.
At the same time,
make me think of you.
I can't lie
that i miss you much.
The heart are so hard to understand.
can't even figure out what's on my mind.
wish that we never meet before.
Because our story just end with a 'bye'
after all the moments we had
From the 'hello friend' to 'hi my honey'
from 'i worry about you' to'i love you with all my heart'
never think that the feelings just changed after just a while.
Still have alot of things we should do together.
Still remember when you told me that you wish to marry me=)
still young~~
that's my answer.
funny whenever think about it.
But sweet at that moments.
But at last we still have to leave it
but i'm happy now.
even though still miss you when i see them them and them.
is okay.gotta be strong=)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Happy birthday dad.
And i just want you to know that i really love you so much.
The surprise party for you had been canceled due to some reason.
But we plan to have one for you,together with mom`s birthday celebration.
Suddenly miss my family so much.
After sent a birthday wish to you,
the tears suddenly drop uncontrollable.
I miss you.
Sad when mom told me that sis fall sick.
I don't go back this weekend.
And nobody take care of her at home now.
cuz mom and dad have to somewhere.
I'm not a good daughter.i know.
Mom and dad worked so hard to send me study here.
and i promised to study hard.
but see what i've done??
get a bad result for them.
I've broke the promises that i've said.
Always ask for more.
buy this and that..take everything for granted.
and whatever i want,you always try to get it.
But this bad daughter always not appreciate it well.
i'm sorry.
But one thing i want you all to know that i really love you all so much.
i can't live without you all.
Really sorry for all the mistakes i've done.
Sorry for not being a good daughter of you both.
i miss you all.Love.
sis,take your med and drink more water.
miss you.

Pill or yoga??

pill or yoga??
erm..pill,will get the result faster.
yoga not so soon.
but still,
yoga..i've chosen.
Thanks to all of them.Stop me to take those pill.
Thanks for the scary stories that make me scare to eat it.
Thanks for the support ya!
Starting next week,i'll attend yoga class.
every thursday.And the fees not so expensive as the first centre i went.
Anyone wanna join me?? DPR Y1,thursday we are free what,
anyone interested to join??i need to get few more people leh~~


My day for today just over like this.
Sleep at 4am and woke up at 3pm just now.
such a waste!!
went clubbing last night.Boring~~
because not with gang.
I can even sms there while all the people are dancing and drinking.
On the way back here,road block!
luckily nothing and styler are free.
after settled the dirty clothes and tidy my room.
Fallen asleep again after reading the novel i just bought.
Already night lo.
Went dinner.=) nice topic to chat.haha!
funny~~really sha.
hmm..and i don't know why i feel to get to know you more.
happy that you willing to share your things to me=)
She and she and he always ask funny funny questions.
and he and he always make fun about it also!
That sometime i lazy to answer all of them,
and of course i don't want to think too much also.
haha! i'm happy with it now.
and don't have any yet=p it's better
you make me to feel you and understand you more.
And i really hope i can do it.=)
no matter what,i'll support you as strong as i can=)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still Same=(

Haiz...still the same.
no mood for classes also.
luckily styler just joked that she going to sleep.
haha! if not for the whole day i won't talk to people.
I know bad.
hmm..cannot tahan lo..but still have to carry on like normal.
but..mood ok abit after chat with him.hmm..
thanks alot!!
feel sorry to people around me.haha! really sorry laa..
no mood is like this de la..hope you all understand.
hmm..2 days didn't eat full full and eat well.
no appetite to eat also lo..
styler keep forching me to eat.if not she don't want to fetch me to coll wor.
actually last night dinner quite yummy leh~~
but i really get very sensitive after you said it lo..
hmm..sometime i just pretend don't listen but i actually keep it inside.haiz..
esp after cui cui said that..hmm..
your words really had made the changes.You're totally changed all my minds.
Don't know should blame you or thanks you tim

Monday, October 19, 2009

what i suppose to do?

What i'm suppose to do?
i'm fat,i know.
lee mee always said that.
cui cui too sometime.even dai keong agree.
hmm..i know i know.
Should i take the pill?
but no one care about me anyway.
but mom will hurt if anything happen to me.
izit safe to take those pill??
but i just can't stand to listen what they said.
whenever shopping with them,anything large is for me.
i know they are just joking around.
BUt,i do feel that what they said is the truth.
they're right.
myself know.
normally i will just ignore whatever they said.
cuz they always jokes around with me.
but don't know why feel tired today.
Just now i was so thinking about the transport to go to bank pay the fees.
How good if i got my own that i can go here and there freely.
no mood for jokes today.
i really cannot tahan them just now.maybe because of i got alot of problem in my mind.
and no one could understand.
huhhhh.....feel like dying.
i hate myself!!! ugly and fat!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Slowly it will be FUN=P

i found that i slowly enjoy the classes i'm having now.
Even though no longer same class with them.
but most of the time,our class will be at same time,
so still go coll by styler's car..haha!
Hmm..drama also lo..
getting to know and understand more new friends..
soon will be busy with the assignments and presentation.
Will same group with ck them,and also will be with kenny them=)
i'm sure we'll enjoy it=p
Fun spending times together for this few days ya..
Watch movie together,yum cha,learn to settle the bills,have fun in the bank,haha!
gossiping..~~ lo..hehe=)
and not only us..
肯尼和大强 pun joining!
Especially when talk about the cow topic..huhh!
sot!! haha..but is long you all happy lo=p

Monday, October 12, 2009

A simple Life Worth Living

-Positive thinking!
-Not everything we wants we can get=p
-Not to take everything for granted.^^
-Others completely have,doesn't means you also need it.^^
-Lose the chance for today,is ok,still have tomorrow's chances.
-Fall down?oh come on,just stand up again=)
-Failed this time?aiya..what so big deal?work harder.
-Feel that you're stupid? least not stupid till do not know how to read!
-Don't know?Do not understand?blur?confuse?Just ask!!
-He's gone?nevermind,there are plenty of fish in the seas.
-You're not appreciated,well,you still have me=p
-Think that you're not pretty enough?at least your face won't scare the people.haha!
-The foods not nice,at least better than no food at all!
-No new shoes?never complain,at least you still have a pair of healthy legs.
-Nobody loves you,at least learn to love yourself=p
-Pocket empty is okay,but not to steal other's belongings.
-Enjoy the life before you leave the world=)
-Change all the hatres to loves=)
-You're fat? that you're healthy.haha!
-Don't speak perfect english?but at least you still can talk your way through.=p
-You're not in the centre of attention,people thinks that you're not a good friend,at least you're blessed with the nicest family=p
~Laugh more,be strong to face the difficulties.

Friday, October 09, 2009

lee mee ting=)

Lee mee ting + Ting lee mee =你咩?
Never stop laughing if she are around.
funny and nice friend.
Very helpful and responsible.
hmm..i really understand your sadness,lee mee.
about your Ex leaving you.hmm..i Really understand.
and i'm so glad and happy that you willing to share with me your sadness.
Happy to talk with you that really make me feel better also.
Thanks.I love you so much!
i really happy to know you all.Till we become so close with each other.
No fake feeling between us.everything we do honestly.
and actually i know you love me de..
haha..admit it laa..
you're the one care me so much especially when clubbing last time.
haha..i know de.Thanks for your concern ya.
hehe=p and i never feel hurt you always call me fei po geh.
haha..cuz i know i'm not.kaka..
love you.

Cui Cui..=p

My future hsemate=)
funny,nice and blur.
haha..really blur that sometime feel wanna choke her.
but fun to be with her=p
but pity she always feel suffer with f** y**..
haiz..make all of us hate him so much now!
Cui cui..Cui Sian i prefer to call her actually.
haha..can say we will share everything together.
hmm..Thanks for help me and listen to my problem.
Eventhough most of time is i listening to you.
i'm happy to help you.And i just want to tell you that i'll always there for you.
I'll try to help as much as i can=p
Fun to shopping with you=p
Cuz maybe our taste almost the same.haha!
happy to know you.=p
love you always.
Tang cui sian..haha!
Don't always think of
肯尼 ok?haha..
funny~~ you und i
Nvm long you happy..hahaha!

Styler Chai=)

Styler chai=)
Kind and friendly=p hehe..
She loves green soo much!!
hmm..i feel glad to know her.She really nice and funny.
Happy whenever talk to her and we have soo many plan to do together.
Thanks her for always drive us to everywhere.
To college,tesco,and sometime ipoh..
feel touch sometime you willing to help me..send me to here and there.
Help me to do this and that.
I found you really helpful.
Last tuesday,i know actually you quite tired.
But you still willing to drive me to the kindergarten.
and sent cui cui to her grandmom's hse..
and rush for lunch,sent davide back to college.
sent me to tesco to buy the thing,rush to the post office to buy the hasil stem.
And the day heavy rain you purposely came to college to fetch us.
and sent CK and the friend to oldtown for the emergency.
hmm..thanks alot styler!
fun to be with you.
And i want you to know that,we close with you,not because you have car.
Is because we really appreciate you as a friend.
We are so sad that you wanna stop studying.hmm..
I love you lo..we love you..haha!!
Thanks again!!=p
enjoy the times we all spent together.
Dinner,party,celebration,clubbing,shopping,yum cha..hahaha

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Change Your Mind Pls

Just now cui cui told me that maybe she'll change to drama.
i'm happy=p
I know we may be too late and could not make a right decision.
But that's our right.
I don't understand why one of my coursemate just now suddenly scolded me.
I'm not give him trouble anyway.
Hmm..assignments..presentations..and discussions going to start soon.
This time,will be in the same group with kenny them.
hmm..he wants me to join the group.
Eventhough i know maybe hard for me cuz.....
but nvm la..i believe i can make them cooperate well with me=p
just now also yum cha with him ady..we are friend now..
and also..styler and the group will join my discussion together=)
good la..still can work together.
This time we really will try hard and work hard.
We know the feel of the ''regret''..
we will start do the revision everyday once the books complete in our hand.
moreover i'm going to move to cui cui there..
so i think more easier for us to study together.
This time,i won't make you all down la.
I promise.
I know the feel already.hmm!
Not in the good mood today.
quite alot of things playing in my mind.
about this,and also that.haiz..
But i believe i can handle it and doing good so far.
hopefully will be carry on=p
Dear cui cui..please change ya! i believe you can!! and don't worry anymore..
i'll help you as long i can=p

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Kl plan failed again~~~

failed again!!
hmm..due to many many many reasons..
sad lo~~
i just scare the book out of stock!! shit!!
i want the book!!!!

Whole Day With Them

We spent the whole day together for today=)
happy! fun!
How sad whenever think about separated class with them.
Hmm..but nvm ler..i just follow my heart,
my choice is..
DRAMA! hehe=p
i believe we still will spend times together=)
just like today!
just now i went to the kindergarten for interview.
hmm..interviewer is My mom's friend,mrs lee..
so excited!!!=p
then 'accident'..haha! my leg and styler's car..
nasib baik i'm ok! haha..if not cacat lo..=p
then went for lunch..went to post office..
and lastly tesco..
Thanks styler!!
you're so kind=p really have to belanja you yum cha! hehe=p
and no need feel sorry for my leg.kaka!
Really tired..for the whole day..settle this and that.
Rush for the ptptn,hse rent,buy this and that.
fun at tesco just now..haha..we tried the 'baju' hahahaha!!
ate ice-cream! yummy..i belanja them! wakaka..
fun to chat..take photos..laughed..
but soo bad ya,everything large is for me!! i know i'm fat laa...
but fun! i love you all.. just back from dinner with them..
tired..tomorrow have to go classes again.
Scare will be lonely without them! haiz. hate!!

That's my choice

Today starts the classes already.
But no teaching yet.
i went to chinese class too just now.
followed cui cui,styler and lee mee.
so funny when the time lecturer count the amount of students!
anyway,i just want to try.
but..damn boring..although easier,abit laa.
hmm..cui cui keep asking me to choose chinese.
Yes,i have confident to score it.and i really don't wish to seperate with you all.
But i don't think i should change my mind cuz it's all for my own future right?
nvm..i believe we will still close although seperated class.
hmm..and i believe i can do my very best.
And eventhough i'm worried about the group assignments..discussion..or whatever..
but..i'm sure i can handle it=p
Hmm..i love them much!
sorry..but i also hope that you all choose drama,yet,i can't force you all.
So same like now,you all can't force me.
god~~please help me to make a right decision.
If i still want to change,yes..i still have the chance.
Drama or chinese?
ohh please!
why suddenly these fan nao comes?
i thought it's all settled.
i enjoyed being same class with them! but..
drama may be fun! but tough when in the year 2.
but if drama will be boring without them too! oh no!!!!
drama or chinese??
anyone can help me??

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Aku RinDu Mereka!!!

Aku rindu mereka!!
Tomorrow start the hectic college life again..
2 weeks seems not enough for me,for us to rest!
Aku start rindu my mom,dad,sis and bro.
And also my anjing anjing.
But pada masa yang sama,
gembira meet my dear friends....
and kami got many many plans to do bersama!!
i love them!!

Start it,end it = You

It's really over.
And i feel much better now.
I no longer down.
No longer drop the tears.
I'm totally happy with my life now=p
Totally free.
hehe=) start it,and you are the one end it too.
As long as you happy k?
i'm not going to regret anything,anyway.
thanks for everything.
And you'll forever gone in my mind and heart.
Really can.
I'm happy that you let me go.
Thanks for set me free.