Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Whole Day With Them

We spent the whole day together for today=)
happy! fun!
How sad whenever think about separated class with them.
Hmm..but nvm ler..i just follow my heart,
my choice is..
DRAMA! hehe=p
i believe we still will spend times together=)
just like today!
just now i went to the kindergarten for interview.
hmm..interviewer is My mom's friend,mrs lee..
so excited!!!=p
then 'accident'..haha! my leg and styler's car..
nasib baik i'm ok! haha..if not cacat lo..=p
then went for lunch..went to post office..
and lastly tesco..
Thanks styler!!
you're so kind=p really have to belanja you yum cha! hehe=p
and no need feel sorry for my leg.kaka!
Really tired..for the whole day..settle this and that.
Rush for the ptptn,hse rent,buy this and that.
fun at tesco just now..haha..we tried the 'baju'
walao..sexy~~ hahahaha!!
ate ice-cream! yummy..i belanja them! wakaka..
fun to chat..take photos..laughed..
but soo bad ya,everything large is for me!! i know i'm fat laa...
but fun! i love you all..
hmm..now just back from dinner with them..
tired..tomorrow have to go classes again.
Scare will be lonely without them! haiz. hate!!

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