Monday, October 12, 2009

A simple Life Worth Living

-Positive thinking!
-Not everything we wants we can get=p
-Not to take everything for granted.^^
-Others completely have,doesn't means you also need it.^^
-Lose the chance for today,is ok,still have tomorrow's chances.
-Fall down?oh come on,just stand up again=)
-Failed this time?aiya..what so big deal?work harder.
-Feel that you're stupid? least not stupid till do not know how to read!
-Don't know?Do not understand?blur?confuse?Just ask!!
-He's gone?nevermind,there are plenty of fish in the seas.
-You're not appreciated,well,you still have me=p
-Think that you're not pretty enough?at least your face won't scare the people.haha!
-The foods not nice,at least better than no food at all!
-No new shoes?never complain,at least you still have a pair of healthy legs.
-Nobody loves you,at least learn to love yourself=p
-Pocket empty is okay,but not to steal other's belongings.
-Enjoy the life before you leave the world=)
-Change all the hatres to loves=)
-You're fat? that you're healthy.haha!
-Don't speak perfect english?but at least you still can talk your way through.=p
-You're not in the centre of attention,people thinks that you're not a good friend,at least you're blessed with the nicest family=p
~Laugh more,be strong to face the difficulties.

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