Friday, October 09, 2009

Cui Cui..=p

My future hsemate=)
funny,nice and blur.
haha..really blur that sometime feel wanna choke her.
but fun to be with her=p
but pity she always feel suffer with f** y**..
haiz..make all of us hate him so much now!
Cui cui..Cui Sian i prefer to call her actually.
haha..can say we will share everything together.
hmm..Thanks for help me and listen to my problem.
Eventhough most of time is i listening to you.
i'm happy to help you.And i just want to tell you that i'll always there for you.
I'll try to help as much as i can=p
Fun to shopping with you=p
Cuz maybe our taste almost the same.haha!
happy to know you.=p
love you always.
Tang cui sian..haha!
Don't always think of
肯尼 ok?haha..
funny~~ you und i
Nvm long you happy..hahaha!

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