Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Latest issues:)

Had been stop updating since the last day of the break.I guess:) Hmm.Well,back to hectic life,again! This sem,busy for producing a magazine:) My team members- Ccm,issac and yy:)
Hmm.If it wasn't because of the feeling of sad and dissapointed. I think i'll still neglecting my blog. I just wanna tell you and desperately want you to know that i'm happy when i managed to help you.I care for you as my everything. Please don't reject my helps for you.Yes! my heart is so pain! why? why you never see my effort to show you that you're my everything? i can understand why you don't like it but please, put away your ego! that's guys right?always think that they're the best and tend to be so true in everything. This is the fact that forever true. But thank to you too! You make me realized that its not necessarily give your hands to others. " hao ren mei hao bao '' right?:) so,thank you! Whatever it is, i've done my part, and i still very happy because at least i've tried my best to show that i'm care for you! I don't ask for any return,honestly..just..a little bit of appreciation. That's all what i need.