Sunday, January 23, 2011


My Next Mission : MASCORPONE :)

I wanna learn to make it ! So desperately !


Hmm. Had spent few days of my break at his hometown:) Not that really fun but still fun heehee.

The great thing ever, I’d make myself close with his family and I really treasure it much!

At first, I was worried that I might give them a trouble but the moment aunty step into the room and start to chit chat with me, I was like…hmm:)

Not gonna meet him for about 2 weeks? And I’m sure I gonna miss him so much since almost every day I spend my times with him, either at college and also at home. I don’t like the feel without him beside me:( Yea, I know I got to be strong and make myself biasa. Well, after graduate:( Omg. Anyway, I’m gonna back my home, bake some cookies and try out lotsa fooooods! Hehe:)


End:) The final.

The hard work had put on to, just hope to get a smile for it.

After the sleepless nights, and we don’t even get to sleep for 48 hours! Believe that?

And I told them I got no way to sleep for the rest of my life.LOL oh at least, I made them laugh:)

You know what? My snowy and Berry even better,gooood than the H. such a brainless creature. But is ok,let’s see what returns you will get. Stupid asshole!

Ok get back to the happy hour!

The BBQ and steamboat,oh really great! (credit to whom marinated the chicken wings and the lamb! Hahahaha)

Sucha awesome night! The makan time, judi time, metoo time,beer time,pillow talk time.Really really best moment ever! Oh I think I’m gonna miss you guys:(

Hmm.friend? No,I don’t need alooot of friends,to have THEM now,that’s enough,at least I know their true heart.

Ck want me to forget about it,about what she’d done.I said, that’s impossible.I want her to know that,she’s too much! I won’t scare of her anymore! Oh god. Ugly B. ( ohya,that’s me,not her heeee)

Is okay, one day they’ll know. Yes, the day will come. Of cause la, if everyone are good people,then how can you learn to grow up,right?

Hey not to say that I’m really that good, but at least I won’t harm others. If I wanna go,I’ll just get myself off,I won’t stop others to go in! F. Please remember whatever you had done,ok ms L? Just wait and see.

Ok. Enough with the ms.L.

Should be cherish my days with the people really treasure me! Muacks.