Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hmm. Had spent few days of my break at his hometown:) Not that really fun but still fun heehee.

The great thing ever, I’d make myself close with his family and I really treasure it much!

At first, I was worried that I might give them a trouble but the moment aunty step into the room and start to chit chat with me, I was like…hmm:)

Not gonna meet him for about 2 weeks? And I’m sure I gonna miss him so much since almost every day I spend my times with him, either at college and also at home. I don’t like the feel without him beside me:( Yea, I know I got to be strong and make myself biasa. Well, after graduate:( Omg. Anyway, I’m gonna back my home, bake some cookies and try out lotsa fooooods! Hehe:)

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