Friday, February 26, 2010

Back again:) long never update my blog.hmm.quite busy lately and abit lazy too:)Lol
well,new sem started and both of my lecturer is male:) hehe.Mr Chong is so kind:) Like,seriously kind:)good^^ but my psycho lecturer...hmm..really psycho.hahaha..
hmm.went jusco last night with styler and her lao gong,mine,and lee mee:)Watched ''Percy jackson".Great show.We had a fun time together and we really enjoyed it even though we're tired after classes:) and.I'm getting married! Lee mee promise to design a wedding dress for me and styler and davide will perform in the wedding party.Lol hahahahaaa..
and and and.we going to taiping zoo soon! so excited:) haha!
Sigh.I'm dealing with some conflict right now:( with myself and him.Hmm.I always asking for too much.always feel that the love has fade.always not thankful for whatever i have.Hmm.I realize it now and i feel so wrong to have that kind of thinking before.He always there for me,but why i still doubting?He always love me,but why i just don't believe him?
hmm.Just fine.So now,I'll cherish everything that is mine:) and i won't take everything for granted:)

Monday, February 15, 2010

we need it more♥

"LOVE" is a strange feeling but it could be the one most amazing in our lives:)Sometimes the emotions associated with love are blissful,but there are times when they can really hurtful.Lol ''Love'' is something that all of us can encounter but there are may different ways to define the ''love''.Agree people?hees:)
Hmm..but of cause we have to learn to love ourselves first before we love others:) Yes.when you say "i love you" to someone,you really have to mean it with all your heart and willing to do anything for the someone:)and for sure have to apply the love unconditionally and would not expect anything in return.Meaning that we can't expect the partner will give us the same like how we gave to them.Yes,it can be hurtful,and we'll think that the partner doesn't appreciate the love that we gave.but,if we think again,maybe the way they show their love to us is different from us.So,try to love just for the sake of love,not anything else in return.haha..*it's hard actually* haha!well,but im facing it so i really understand that kind of feeling^^ just stay strong.
Hmm.and i wonder why those people just don't appreciate the love that given by others.Ya,maybe when they realize that they gonna lose it,then only they start to appreciate it:)hmm..that's human.And i never deny that in a love life,sometime it may be unfair.Sometimes,we'll found that,when we love a person so much,but the person doesn't appreciate the love at's hurtful right?hmm.but sometimes,when we do not have any feeling toward a person,but yet the person will treat you damn nice and willing to do everything just to see you smile.hmm.Why it so unfair?especially to those who really need the love,why they couldn't get it?is their own matter or others just try to neglect them?0.o hmm.actually,it's all need experiences,once you get through it before,maybe you'll understand it more:)
love! is a simple thing,but yet can be so complicated and gonna leave a wound if once they get hurt by me?and the wound not easy to be cure,in fact,some that can never be cure.So,it turns to scar..Terrible right?hmm.That's so funny.
Love is blind
.we willing to do anything just to make them happy even to hurt ourselves.Is that call stupid?haha..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is that alright?

Hmm..listen people,is it alright for you to love person A but at the same time you like person B?hmm.It was nothing actually.just,wondering.Hmm.does anyone got the answer?pls tell me:) *thanks*and close the topic! i was totally sick thinking about that,esp anything concerning about HER.
hmm.Today was tiring.and the weather hot like.** .whatever.^^ and i feel that this year cny celebration doesn't hot and fun like the previous years.and sad to share that,*today,i just got rm17.haha..if compare to previous years,for the first day of cny,my pocket full with angpows.Lol
But it doesn't important.the most important is the laughter,happiness,gathering with the beloved family:) right?^^ hmm.Today is valentine's day too.And we was like..ooh ooh..same with the first day of cny o.o miss him badly:(
hmm.wo hen fan!!! brain gonna burst soon! again ya,is it alright for a person to love person A but at the same time like person B??will the feeling of 'like' turn to 'love'?hmm.we don't know.Anyway,gong xi fa cai to all readers and my beloved friends:)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Met him

*This post should be posted last,urm..friday.and i thought i posted it but actually it is still in my draft.Lol*
Yesterday(thursday),met him for the first time.I mean,since we both break up:)hmm.quite far away but we he still come forward said hi to me:) Lol wow,it was long lost between me and him and i was so surprise that met him there.exchanged contact number and he texted me right after i reached home."Hello,nice to meet you just now.and you are getting more prettier.Still remember your sweet smile just now.I guess that's the reason why your bf love you much" "Lol.Nope,still the same la.Thanks anyway.Yes,he love me so much and treat me very well:) and i love him more than word can say too!"
"oh" he replied me.haha..anyway.that is all over between me and him:) now,my life started with HIM.and i'll loyal to his love.hehes.Hmm.
My sis emo today.haha..but still cute.i found that i love to tease her,lately.and her response is " ooooooooiiiiiii...don't disturb!" or '' see sister,she disturb me!!" or ''weiya!you better stop it or else i'll bla bla bla" hahaha.
so now,i know the reason why they love to tease me.because tease ppl really fun! haha!! week more to rest then start with stressful life.and can't wait them! esp him^^

laughing mode:)

Laughing is a sign of happy,cheerful,good health,positive mind,full of confidence..:)^^
keep laughing,the beauty will remain:)
so,laugh-out now!! hahahahahaahahahaahahaha..even though ppl might thinks that you're crazy.Lol

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yes,today received the 1st text from him.I feel better,much..especially after talked to qi xiang and mimi:)*is okay jie,i understand that you're busy* lol hmm.yea,is true what you said,i should think positively and soon the hurt will fade away,after some times:)*thanks bro:)
hmm.feel closer to him today.texting since morning?afternoon?whatever.hmm.and talked on the phone for hour?hmm.text again till the time to say good night^^ is good if i can think positively right?hehes.but its all takes time for healing which i have to face it alone.i wish that i can do as how i've decided.hmm,still waiting for the words from jie.^^I was exhausted.Too concern about others but hurting ownself.Sorry to the aunt which i really couldn't help anything for her.If i just think about her benefits,how about mine?I'm not going to become an idiot to let her step on.hmm.Tired! sick of thinking all these matters.S.O.S!!!
*close this topic*
Hmm.i wasn't have time to give some feedback about the forum i attended last,urm,saturday.I was not in the mood lol.haha..but as i promised,i'll post about the beneficial values with others.G.W:)Hmm..what else? back and shoulders.Omg,it was killing me.I don't feel comfort and totally pain.hmm.the yoko yoko seems not my mouth,full with ulser..why ya?i eat something wrong??hmm. counting down to get angpows now:) haha.The empty pocket waiting to fill up full! kaka!
cheer up liyana:) Stay strong.Love her darling^^

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Need! the strength!

Since i've decided to set that kind of thinking,why i still feel so hurt?why i still no mood for the whole day?omg.this,i could never get the answer.i told him about it,and he was totally happy,and i was like,hmm.okay..and my heart was totally.pain.can say long as he happy.right?haha..hmm.i should call mimi and get some useful words from her.and i'm sure i'll feel much better after talk to her:)
God,please make me is just a simple little thing that i need to please walk with me and give me the strength.sigh..what is wrong to me?why so hard for me to handle this kind of feeling?who can help me?*SOS* is just simple thing but i can take it serious and i was so down! hmm.the only thing i know now is,he was happy.and i suppose to feel alright about it.right?:) hmm.i choose to hurt myself instead to hurt him and,is okay to do that.if not,i will feel the pain and hurt he give to me,which i don't want to alright if i hurt my own not that i'm kind or nice or whatever.Is actually,i feel so,seriously tired.that kind of feel.hmm..i'm tired to fight.tired to argue.tired to hate*but doesn't mean i'll accept her ok* hmm.
fine.since i've decided,i'll make it true.god bless me:)
is okay for me to crying alone.handle the hurts and pains.Omg.but yet,i feel life doesn't suck so much:) let's cheers:) ! Liyana,try your very best.

seriously tired:(

I was tired.seriously tired.hmm.why i always being so kind to people but at the end just let them step on?i always care about others,but who going to care about me?so i decided,not to care much.because the thing we keep hoping not to fall onto us,will still happen,eventually.well,sometime the life is so unfair,right?yeah..i might be a bad for him if i care too much of thing that he likes to do.and i can't even control the mind of his thinking.i don't have the,i'll let him do whatever thing that he enjoy and i shouldn't care too much.i trust him and i too tired to say no to this and that,because it is all useless.:) hmm.
just cheer my life and please,make me fulfill this will:) make me strong,God.please love and bless me:)
i love you so much and this is why i wanna to see you happy:)

Thursday, February 04, 2010


It's almost end of this week.The event coming soon.this saturday,and i was totally not that.because of that event.urm..yes laa.but more to end this week.Lol
Hey people,actually i did find a job to spend my times.but couldn't find i was like.Okay..fine.better help mom.and i get rm10 everyday from her.^^'s it.fuckin boring hols.Last night,the best buddy asked me to go back kampar for few days.and asked me to back with lao gong.well.she going back to see her lao gong too:)but too sad.i can't make it:(
hmm.miss lao gong so much.2 weeks plus to go.Lol he texted me first today. haha . as i said last night.i won't text you first.haha.guai^^
hmm..received one of his text.said that he thinks that he is not good enough for me.always makes me cry,hurt and worry.hmm.i was.speechless actually.cuz i never think that he is.
but seriously,he was good for me and everything for me.and how i wish to tell him that i really love him with all my heart.God should know.
*close topic* haha.
The crazy sister acted naughtly just now.i was helping mom to wash the dishes and she was standing beside me and tickle my stomach.and i was totally fed up.wish to wet her up.but.i did not* lol but in all the suddden.she emo me.hmm..she was angry cuz i don't keep the bones for 'teh' Lol =='' raining la adikku yang tersayang.*
Received the msg from him.omg! i was like..scare to answer seriously scare and the heart beating was so fast.haiz.wondering how the hell he'll know about it and why he ask me??
hmm..thank you anyway.haha:)
so.that's all for now.Aku rindu lao gongku.haha.and.according to styler chai,only 3 of u smart.haha.You,she,and her lao gong.not included me:( hmm.izit?haha.
F her la.Lol hope to see you soon ya! muackss.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Hmm.something pissed me off right now.
when i on the facebook just now.
i click on my previous best friend`s profile.
it made me remind of her and the times we spent together last time.
now,i put all the blame on them.
i dare to write their name out-suzanne lee,kan poh leng and shiqin.
because of friendship with her ruin.
nothing gonna change anything now.
just stand up and move forward.
i wish her all the best and stay happy with the mates that she`ve found.
god bless(:

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


It was the fourth day of my holiday.i ipoh.
quite boring.everyday just doing the same activities.
wake up at 9-10am.
helping mom around.
wait for sister back from school.
that's all!
miss darling so much!
and all the buddies.
went to the store after taken my dinner.
*i cooked on my own which i'll tell later.* Lol
sister wanted to purchase the Oreef bag pack.
it's damn nice.-according to her.and it was so so so cheap.
what a funny thing here.
actually the condition of purchasing the bag with only rm29.90, buy other stuff and over rm100. Lol
then she was like,DAMN disapointed.hmm.
i'm buying the jeans.but it is a discount item.which is not available to the condition.
hmm.after 5 mins The Store going to close and end up.
buy nothing.haha.
We both like,OMG..we tried so hard to persuade mom to drive us.
but at the end got nothing.haha.
Is okay^^ save up money so that could purchase more.
yea..about the own cooked dinner.
I cooked.not to say really 'cook'.i mean,just boiled.haha.
the couliflower.and fried the taufu.and pour some soy sauce.
only that for my dinner.can make me full actually.
You know??the whole flower of the couli.
and 2 toufu.^^
hmm.darling didn't reply my text=(
wondering what is he doing?
wish to stay beside him right now.
hold his hand and give him the supports that he needs.
miss him much=(