Saturday, September 11, 2010

Babiku. blog won't be dead as i'll update it everyday or any time!Reason?oh hell.Cuz i'm damn free! 8po asking me whether wanna plan a trip or not.Genting?Lost world?Beach party ya?Haha!Hmm.i sure want! But still can't due of several reasons! Haih.How sad.Hari ini kami guna BM!Babi text saya,dia kata dia sangat hebat!Wahaha:) sleep at 3am?chat with 8po,sis and online the whole night.Hmm.thinking what can i do today ya?I've in love in online shopping recently.Die le == Hmm.I'm busy looking for information of Cameron=) Can't wait for it.Well,its actually someone's plan but then i feel that it is a nice plan for me and babi too ya!So ON! Hehehe^^

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