Friday, August 13, 2010

the little fact that you got to accept.

Things that happening is all with a reason. Sometime I wonder why my parents want me to come here for study. If that time I reject the suggestion, then I think I won’t have him in my life. And I won’t get the happiness with them all. I won’t have chance to learn to overcome some problem. I won’t learn to stand up whenever the ball hits me down and I won’t learn how to deal with different people, situations and feelings. Thanks to God for given me this golden opportunity and chances.

Yes, in our life, there is always give and take. You won’t be perfect and not everything you want, you can get it. I tried my best to show them that I can, but unfortunately they simply can’t see it, I tried to forget about the past, but unfortunately the memories reluctant to go away. I tried to learn to love them and trust them that they had changed, but unfortunately they never change at all.

But one thing is, I really appreciate the things that I have now. Yea, I never deny that I always take things for granted. Always make a lot of complain about this and that. Asking for so many whys. But at the end of the day. I still feel very grateful and thankful to God, by saying, AT LEAST I’M BETTER THAN THEM. I still have my family that very supportive. I still have my babe that always loves me. I still have girlfriends that willing to spend their time with me. I still have many chances to prove that I’m not rubbish. I still have many ways to have a better life.

I started to love myself even more. I won’t care what they’ll think. Because want or don’t want. The facts, you got to accept!

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