Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Listing Failed.

Failed to be a good,
  • -daughter for my dad and mom
  • -sister for fifah and boy.
  • -girlfriend for him.
  • -best friend for her.
  • -friend for them.
  • -student for lecturers.
  • -listener for those who needs my ears.
  • -helper for those who needs my hands.
  • -communicator.
  • -normal person.
I'm just failed! failed! failed! Failed to be everything!!!!
no matter how i tried,how i wished,how i do.The result is just the same,i'm suck!
If i can stop the time to run forward.How i wish not to come here.So that dad won't be like this,so that i won't have any relationship with him,so that i won't because of the relationship,lose friends.Dad don't have to waste money for me.Mom don't have to worry so much.Bro and sis don't have to miss me and hope for me to go back.And i,do not have to suffer like now.OMG.Stop crying okay! That's useless.

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