Wednesday, August 18, 2010

heal the pains.

Had so much fun just now-the BBQ. It’s a suddenly decision that timmy and I made. We rushed to tesco yesterday and I marinade the chicken wings and the lamb by timmy at night:) went to tesco again just now with darling to find tembikai but unfortunately don’t have. Went to oldtown with styler to find it and get some other things that are needed. Even though the rain falling non stop but our plan still on.And thanks god we still can manage it successfully. Special thanks to darling and styler for fetching and sending to here and there:) Pui pui,davide,Helen,timmy,issac and hong weng for helping. Aww! I’ve started to miss you guys=p Lol enjoyed the moments we had spent together ya. The photo-taking session. Makan session and being crazy with issac:) Hahahaha. The moment of drinking ice lemon tea with dear pui pui is fun!! Lol and how sweet we are. The cleaning session is fun too! Play the water sambil cleaning.Wow. and and and the time we shower styler’s remind me the time I had a BBQ with tian tian mimi and YOU=p Miss ya.

I’m so happy today.Even though feels so tired and my throat started to pain.Hmm.My darling already not feeling well. *get well soon sayangku. Lol Overall,it’s just fuuuuuuunnnn!! And looking forward to some other planning.But final coming, we need to study study study! Hmm.

Well,at least it can make me carefree.I don’t even remember every single thing that upset me.But deep inside my small and weak heart asking ‘why second problem always come find me once I settled the first problem?’ ‘why there’s no chance for me to rest,even awhile?’ and why?you never trust me?am I so bad in your eyes?hmm.So many whys.You know what?i’m tired.I don’t feel to fight with you because its useless.You already set in your mind that I’m bad,so I’ll forever bad! But fine.Liyana,you should be happy today! Ya! I’m happy:) Guys,I love you all.Thanks for brighten up my life.Darling,thanks for loving me.I LOVE YOU.

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