Friday, December 03, 2010


Tired. Yes, tired to care all the things:) As predicted.

I wish to, we all wish to, but there’s somehow full of crap.

Hoping that everything is just fine, not a bunch of lies, please.

I’m very disappointed of Him. He said I can trust Him. Yes, I trusted. But my heart broke into pieces at the end.

And I’m trying to believe in Him as well. But what he done and said meant nothing but just lies and shits.

But at least, when the world turns upside down. Still there’s angels will be there. When the Satan asked you to end everything, there are angels that stop you for being dumb ass.

The childish actions and the craps happening, the source is the Satan. I don’t trust anyone now, just myself. Trust myself that I can differentiate the Satan and the angles. I got no power, I know. I am wrong to talk too much. But for the sake of the Angels. I know I got to do something.

Well. He is no longer in my heart. No more respect should be given to Him.

Anyhow, I should be thankful for given this chance to learn, to grow up. I believe the Satan will really gone once the angels conquer the truth.

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