Friday, July 09, 2010


Who can understand the feels of mine now?Who's the someone?Seriously i never think that this incident would appear in my life. Can i face it with Gods' strength?hope so.Why so hard for you to forgive the past?and treat me as how i should be treated.Someday, i felt left out. Yet,do not have the courage to stand up raise up the hands.Because the result seem to be the same all the time never change.I'm useless among the rest?Maybe.I miss the home.With happiness surround us,with laughter accompany us.Can i still have the chance?No matter i tried,why still same?It's destiny?or I'm dumb?How come others can have it?I can't?I used to think that they're crap,yes,that's the fact that they're crap.But after see the reflection from own mirror.The loser is myself.How sad ya. If only i can shout out loud now,i just wanted to shout to all of you,my dearest,I miss you and love you all:) How can i live without you all? and how i wish to be right in front of u and we were chat about something that totally could not be understand by outsiders.Great right?

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