Thursday, November 25, 2010

Who cares?

I'm clapping for you! Very well done!:) You're sucha great actress in a way to gain people's attentions,loves and protections:) But how you manage it ah? by just dropping your tears? Opps! someone is reading this.Cry la cry! talk la talk! hate me la hate! But who cares?I don't. But i wanna see how far you can go:) Good luck!
And you. Never change. always act like you're so great in everything,but actually you're not at all:) how sad huh? you're trying to 'help' others but please,help yourself first ok?:) You're acting like you know everything but actually you don't even know a single thing!
You! I hope you'll know one day who's really treasure you:) Now everything seems so blind and yeah, you'll see the truth one day! and, you're just too blind and stupid for not appreciate the real thing that you really worth for.
You!!! I'm freaking pissed off now! I'm not talking to the wall ok?So, you don't expect me to talk with you unless you realized that you're in fault:)
You:) you'll understand someday, the reason why. But i love you as my true friend:)
My another you:) Stay strong and i always love you! Let's see how far they can go!:)
Well,i really don't care of your words to me:) But seriously,if you cross over my line,hahahaha! You'll regret because....i already knew something about you:):) hehehehe!

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