Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Happy:) had a party with them last sunday..hehe=p
Very happy to meet fiona,kerlee,anne,sabrina,tian,mimi,and pei pei=p
so ke xi..nicole,lulu,hao hao and few more not free to join=( hmm..
So long never meet long never gather with them.
REally miss them soo much!
Some of my college's friend joined too=)
Styler,cui cui,wicky and also benjamin.
Davide don't join,cuz have plan with his friends dy.
Actually jimmy and david joining too..
but have appoinment.hmm..nvm~~
lee mee and new friend too far=(
so next time ba!
happy la..haha! hope next time can gather again=p
and hope more ppl will join..

I love them! love them! love them!
miss them soo much!
haiz..wanna meet them err..=(

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