Tuesday, September 08, 2009

2 more battle to go!

1st and 2nd battle ok..
i have confident on it.
But not on 3rd battle.
the questions was so tough.
I was well prepared.
studied days and nights,sometimes till really morning.
but....the questions not as what i've expected!
still remember that night..
i was struggling with the important points of what what what laa..
haha..agenda-setting and cultivative theory.., i think.
suddenly the silent night broke down cuz of my shout.
the crocroach!!!!!!!!
then i faster called christine in to kill it.
she so men leh..kaka..
used the newspaper to catch it then wrap it up instead of kill it.
but don't care laa..as long the stupid not in my room dy.
i scare of it and hate it much also.
pls don't find me again!!
two more bettle to go..
have to work very VERY hard.
enough just to resit 1 paper..
haha! which is...............f*ckin MC paper!!!
hmm..but maybe because i never try to love it,
that's why.
next sem gonna seperate with them-cui cui,styler and lee mee.
bad them leave me alone.
haiz.sure will boring like hell.
no more curi makan together.no more sleep together.no more ponteng together.no more gossiping together.
how sad.sad me=(
so that's why i wanna fast fast move to cui cui's there.
at least we still have much time to be spend together.
but.....still will ghany-ing together.voodoo-ing together or 21-ing together..and many many more..
haha! that's us!!=)

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