Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lucky Doggies=)

Last night at oldtown,having my dinner,i saw many stray doggies struggling finding food to eat.
What a pity.I almost drop my tears when see them hardly search for something to eat around the rubbish bins..and yet nothing for them to eat.
suddenly miss my doggies.=p
how lucky they are.but still sometime they becomes so choosy when come to food we feed them! everytime want soup with chicken neck and head.Better if have the meat special for them.Without it,don't want to eat.If just bread with uncook egg,Don't want also.If just dry bread,will throw into the drain.If only rice and soup,will drink the soup only.If have veges mixed with the special soup,will finish all except the veges.
I still remember one night,mom didn't cook their food,and my bro was sleeping for the whole day cuz tired.(that time is his duty to feed the doggies)..we also forgot that our doggies haven't eat.haha!
around 1am,i opened my hse door to check what they doing outside.what a surprise!
3 of them sitting in front of the door waiting for their food as how they always did!haha..(if they're full,hardly to see them in front of the door,they'll run here and there)haha!
that time only we understand that my bro haven't feed them..keke=)
mom said,tomorrow morning only feed them,since she also didn't cook their food that night.
But really pity them lo..hehe..although i know dogs can tahan without food for few days.
At sis make a bowl of milk feed them.haha.
3 of them shared a small bowl of milk.give them a lesson.kaka! But fatty figo not enough! haiz..
really damn fat la him! and lazy..haha..
i see the stray dog so meat,left bone.
but this figo...can't see his bone..full of meat.hahaha..

But..not only doggies lo..
human too.Sometime not appreciate foods.
Sometime me too..=p
always waste the foods while some of the people are hungry for food.
i'm bad.i know.

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