Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm getting fat=(

I'm getting fat,i know.=(
there're always good and bad for staying at ipoh home.
my home will never no foods.
Mom love to cook.And always tries new recipies..
hmm..make me feel to eat eat and eat!! lol.
I've put on weighed this time.
but she happy.haha!
Really couldn't control.
The table always serve delicous foods.
Cannot tahan the cakes,cookies and also chocolates that are prepared by mom.
now i understand why sis soo chubby,never change! haha..
wanna faster over this holidays,
then start to gan fei dy!
Really have to!
Will save up money to buy the body-shaping gel.
haiz..very expensive leh..
But i will buy it=)
Start to jog,swim and do any exercise laa..
control eating! SURE!
Will eat,but in the small quantity=p
If can manage the time well,
i'll attend the yoga class.=)
money again..haiz...

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