Monday, September 21, 2009

my days with THEM=P

I love to be with them.They always brighten my days.=p hehe=)We can study together.and...everythings together!! enjoy the moment we spent.hehe=p!!! you all are crazy friends that i ever have.haha!!And still remember that night! the worst dinner that i ever had.kaka..that's is...






The ""LUI CHA""..haha..(styler,really ''niceeeeeee''..ahem..hahaha..)

Really nice hor cui cui??kaka..soo's took our almost an hour to finished it.

but at the end we just throw it away.cuz..really cannot in laa..hehe=p

KFC together too!! fun! wai keong joined us too=p hmm..~~ really fun to be with them.

we just....friend!!!! everything we will do together.hmm..just..happy...enjoy with them.haha!

yummy..share money+eat puas puas!!

lee mee and me=p swwet right?haha..i love her.and i know she love me too.

eventhough she always 'scold' me..'say' me..and sometime 'critic' me..haha..but she's a nice good friend!! and funny too..

we`re really close..and they`re really good friend.=p hmm...i love them!!sooo much!!

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