Sunday, September 06, 2009

remeo and his gf..

styler,cui cui,lee mee and new friend..
confirm romeo have gf dy..
i saw them!
at first seems like not de..but that night i saw his gf pulling his hand walk away from that shop..
then another night i saw them walk around holding hand..
hmmp..but his gf abit fat leh..chubby..
kaka..not match with handsome him..
anyway.that's about romeo and i don't think we should call his gal ''juliet''
she's not!! bad huh?
hey..since that misunderstanding,i found that we had become closer hor?
good laa..haiz..
and happy to know you,new friend.
p/s:actually i don't mind you all call me 肥婆 or 肥的 or 死肥 or 肥东西..hmmp..
i don't mind ok?whatever lo..
and lee mee,i know you actually love me geh..

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