Tuesday, September 15, 2009

broke the promisE..haHa!

finished exam!
ya..of cuz happy..
but there are something make me sad too=(
guys..thanks for accompany me during the happy and hard times.
can't deny that i really sad when you all(styler,cui cui and lee mee)choose chinese for the next sem.
which means we won't be in the same class dy.
but i know and understand that i can't do anything to stop you all.=)
anyway,i believe that it won't effect our friendship.
we can still have meals together.
still can do homeworks together.
still can stay awake for the whole night to study together,right?haha!
and the most important..
we can still enjoy our days together.hehe=)
still can ghany-ing,voodoo-ing,party-ing too of cuz!
last night,thanks so much!
thanks for the fun time!haha..
but..u all make me broke the 'promise' lol
from just apple juice..but at the end get drunk also.
Thanks for send me home safely.hahaha..
and thanks for the comfort.=)
i really cannot tahan last night.really feel so sad.
and i feel better after i cried.BUt paiseh leh..in front of kenny,kathik and wai keong.haha!
and also new friend.lol
thanks anyway.i really enjoy spending time with you guys.=p
and actually kenny and kathik not bad de..sorry for 'anti' you both last time.haha
well..next sem we will be in same class again.add oil together ya!!
eventhough now i still feel very sad.but whenever think of you all..
hehe..feel much better=) i love you guys.
and cui cui,don't worry..i will move to your hse and be your dearest roommate!
i promise not to let your notty hsemate bully you again k?and including fei yeh!
don't sad anymore.you still have me=)
你不要看我笨笨,其实我很利害的。。你不要看我weak weak其实我strong strong的。。哈哈..( familiar right this sentence?haha)
so don't sad anymore k?

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