Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Tough Road

Life,full of stories.
Some are happy,some are sad and some of them fall somewhere in between.
Sometime the journey of the road are straight,but sometime not.
even worse when you have to face all kind of difficulties.
just like the weather.
Sometime sunny,sometime rainny,and if you're lucky rainbow will cheer you up,
when you're no luck,thunder will accompany you.
along these road,we will be meeting many kind of people.
Nice,bad,weird,selfish and many more.
And also we will meet with success and failure.
It is stage-by-stage,
And every new stage,
Everything seem to be new and challenging,
without God's strength,we won't be able to overcome it.
I hate failure.Everyones does.
But what's important is that we understand that it's are for our learning.
We usually look at our actions as good or bad,right or wrong.
When we feel frustrated,we will start blaming ourselves.
thinking that we are useless.
But if we can adjust our thinking and look at our stories as tools for our growth,
then we may be grateful for all the things that we have to go through.
If we can remember to love ourselves and have compassion for our mistakes that we had done,
then we may live with more gratitude and joy.
hmm..want or don't want.
We have to learn how to deal with happiness,heartbreak,and most of the time with life's difficulties and challenges.
Im ok for now.Have to be ok.haha!
Thanks for your comfort and care.
The most important is to remember this,
hehe=) know what it is?
used to it even you are facing hard times.
That's a secret way to success=)

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