Friday, November 06, 2009

Too Many:)

:) too many to post about.
not spend much time with them this whole week.
busy with our own thing.
i wonder why i have the bad impression and feeling toward him.
feel soo bad sometime.
but i just couldn't control it.
whenever see him,
i try to smile to him.But can't.
feel like losing her as well.
but can't do anything ler~~
she choose him,then she will losing us.
hmm..but think another way,
its so unfair,she also no choice.
another but,he not suppose to control her like that wor~~
Liyana so bad.
he still care about you leh~~
so i can't continue to hate him laa.
Ok! for my best friend.
I'll forget about the past.
and continue to be good with him!

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