Wednesday, November 18, 2009

They Are Naughty!!

Yesterday,after PR class.
Rushing back with kenny.
Suddenly realized that one of my phone not with me.
Damn!! I rushed back to the classroom,
and unfortunately not there.
I called CK to tell him that my phone was lost.
He said not with him.
The friends are worried about me,
waited and tried to call to the phone,
no one pick it up.
I was god.My PHONE!!!!
I called CK again and again.
He said nothing,just confirm with me that not with him!!
the truth is..Gary took it and pass to ck.
hate them!! angry them!!
so bad bully me =(
Really S.H.. fellow,like what kathik said.
Very naughty..!!
what a damn day!! matter how..
i still very happy to have them as my friend=)
even though everyday bully and tease me :(
CK!! U so bad!!

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