Friday, July 10, 2009

What a bAd Day!!!!damn~~~

Today, a VERY bad day for me~~~
i met with accident just now..i still feel very scary and abit trauma,cuz this is the first time it happens in my life that i just couldn`t believe it..haha!
We(styler-driving,cui cui and me)are going back home from old town after we bought the pin no. The car hit styler`s car and it bang from the side of the back door..hmm..i was the passenger behind..yup..injured my left hand..but everyones of them seemed like don`t trust me when i told them i get hurt..but..not so serious la..hehe~~it was totally shocked me and my heartbeating began faster and faster..i never experience it before.hmm..i was panic..and so styler and cui cui..haha!!i called tay and joshua to come to the location and they reached there after 5 mins!!haha..thanks to them..and sorry to tay cuz just because of my call he have to skip his class..hmm..
yuan lai that guy who hit styler`s car is kelvin`s friend..hehe..what a small world huh?but i really worried just now..tay and kelvin almost wanna fight..scare me..both also my friend..don`t know wanna help who..kaka!!then we settled it at police took our precious times!!and we are rushing to go home to complete our MC homeworks!haha..
of cause i got inform my housemates..and betty strainght called me and asked about my condition..hehe~~thanks so much!!muackss..
hmm..late for MC class..and luckily ms winny didn`t call our name to answer the tutorial questions..haha..cuz we really no time to prepare it..^.^
4pm lo!!!!i was rushing to go out from the class cuz my both coursemate already go out(we promised to walk together to canteen)..i keep calling his name but he couldn`t hear me..=( so i ran to catch up with him..but unfortunately......hmm..i fell down from the stairs..and hit my injured left hand again!!i can still feel the pain..and i swear to really really really pain..haha!!pain until i dropped my tears in front of them!!!walao...not only my coursemates..some of the students i don`t know are also enjoying to see me struggling with the pain!!haiz..even now,,my hand still feel painful..but nobody trust..cuz it seemed nothing on the surface..hmm..except some of them who really care me lo..especially my dearest housemates..all of them really so care about me..and betty keep asking about my condition and asked me to take extra cares..thanks thanks thanks..!!love you all..and i`ll try won`t go here and there without you all lo k?and i will walk for the short distances instead of go by cars...ok?i will listen to your advices k?^.^
and really thanks for your cares..betty,byian and qi xiang..haha!!
i called my mom just now..she get panic also..hehe~~but im nothing what..god still protecting me..thanks!the pain..gonna ok soon la..hmm..they so bad don`t trust that i really get hurt!huhh!!!hate them..haha..
but thanks to ccm..lee mee..pui chin..cui cui..styler..and eveyones of you who trying to 'save' me just now..i know you all had a good laugh also..but trust wasn`t a joke!!it totally painful!!!!!i don`t know la..but as for me..really pain till will drop my tears..hehe~~haiz..tomorrow sure got people laugh at me..damn!! and withm my hand wrapping..hmm..going utar tim!!haahaa..damn bad luck oh..
last but not least..really thanks to all of you who helped me just now...for the accident..thanks to tay and kelvin also..helped alot as 'middle person'..haha..thanks to you all..hmm..but one more thing make me sad star star senget d..haiz..i hope ccm can give me a new one!haha!!

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