Saturday, July 25, 2009

regrEting for somethIng..

We didnt sleep for the one whole day..
after O NIGHT,styer,cui cui,davide and me went back ipoh..for clubbing..
yup..this is the first time i went without family member..hmm..
Joshua,tay and their gang also there..and we dance+drink all together..
i trust them..but something had happened and lucky cui cui they all saved me..THANKS GUYS..=)
i dont know why i will go there..haiz..they pull me to their table and i hardly to refuse..
they are my friends,i should trust them..but now i feel scare of them..
how can i so easily get around with them?dance with them like that..drink together..
now when i think of it..feel ashame of myself..
luckily cui cui and the gang was there..if not i dont know what will happen to me..
that night just over like that..and `it` still playing actively on my mind..i still cant forget about it..
feel sorry toward my parents and so sorry..

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