Thursday, July 02, 2009

ThankS to thEm!!=)

Today`s mood not really that good also.Still struggle with the mix up feelings..i feel so bad,feel sorry to myself and people around me..
I skipped my IT class taday..i don`t feel to go to class as i lose all the interest and mood!I know i`m not suppose to be like this,but...i just can`t manage it bad~~
ermm..but..i feel much better at night.Had a yummy dinner prepared by b-yian with my sisters and brother..hmm~~make me all nice inside..haha!!Really damn full tonight!and b-yain really a good chef!haa..after dinner,went to pasar malam..but rushing buying things..cuz i have to meet my group members at 8.30pm!to prepare for the presentation tomorrow..hehe~~
again after that i become moody again..cuz i have to walk alone to koh`s house..they still wanna shopping at pasar i don`t feel nice if just because of me they have to go home so early..and one more thing make me not happy is styler and cui cui not ready to go together..they still having their dinner..(but of cuz can`t blame them,cuz the restaurant full of customers..hehe)even though i`m scare to walk alone..but..what to do?no choice..but.....luckily met jun hao half the i just walk with him lo..~~
thanks to cui cui and styler..willing to listen to my problem..thanks to styler,gave me the tissue paper..haha~~thanks cui cui to make me laugh back!
and also..kelvin,koh,niki..willing to listen to me..(even though just awhile)haha..but frankly..feel much better after that..all of them make me happy back!hmm..and `the secret` between me and kelvin make me `fresh`..hahaha!!!omg~~~happy to chat with koh funny and make me forget all the sadness things..
i enjoyed the moments we preparing for the presentation..blow the ballon..stick the yellow pieces of papers..hmm..we talked alot and laughed all the time!i don`t know next time we still have chance to spend time together or not..well,after the presentation over..i think we really less to meet and hang out yum cha except at school..hmm..i really enjoy being with them!!they can make me forget about every sad stories of my life..
Really thanks to them la..haha!i feel ok now..glad to know them!

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