Thursday, July 30, 2009

HavIng fUn witH you ALL=)

28.07.09 just over like that..really too fast it over..haiz..i still miss those times!!
cuz i really enjoyed the moments i spent with them!!really make me happy and relax..
not because of my because of the fun we shared together..hehe=)
i love betty,b-yian and qi xiang so much!!!hehe=)thanks for the surprise party and the ballons and also the present!!actually im not really in the good mood that day..but you all make me smile back!haha..thanks..i never think that you all remember my wonder you all said i sure will forgive you all for not going o night with i understand la..hehe=)
To another gang~~
Cui Cui,wai kit,styler,davide,pui chin,victor,lee mee,jun how..hehe=)thanks for the 'funfair trip'..haha!!and also the surprise party and the doraemon!!=)i love it much!!i also never think that you all remember..cuz none of you wish
I enjoy the time we play the games..haha..taking photos..haiz..miss it so much!!
and special thanks to jimmy and david..came from ipoh to celebrate with me..haha!!thanks..=)at first really dont believe that you told me you`re at kampar now..sorry..still let me scolded you..haha!!oh ya!thanks to lewis too..hehe=)
after candle-blowing..went to ghany to have some makan and and laugh non-stop..hmm..aftter that went to dataran play the firework..hehe..nice taking photos too!then we!!really fun hanging around with you all=) miss you all..muacks..
just thanks la..thanks so much!!!!i`ll remember you all forever..hehe=)and one of my birthday wish is..i hope you all choose drama class..hmm..but it seems dont come true oh..haih..pls consider it k?cui cui,styler,lee mee and pui chin..=)

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