Saturday, July 11, 2009

is your heart^.^

They said friend is hard to find..Nope,i donT think so.
Friend are easy to find,but true friend are hard to get.
Love,they said is a very sweet times that can make you fly..yup!for a couple of weeks but later on it will become completely complicated.
they said studies will make you suffer..ya,at these moment..but will soon we appreciate it much!
Many feel that friend or outsiders are more important than family..think wisely,whose the one going to help you when you get into trouble?they or family??lets say u get H1N1..will the family left you as how a friend did when you getting so badly situation?
hmm..whatever it is..our life is very complicated.
Sometime,really hard to struggle and manage it.Even to understand it is more fuckin hard.
Sure have a way for us to solve every single problem we have,but just we are too blind to see it.
Humans are always love somebody that don`t appreciate them and will hate those who are appreciate them.What else to sAY?I have no right to jugde..because i`m not animal..i`m human too!!
People will definetely criticize others..but they just never see their reflection from the mirror that they`re worst???
Before talk about others please bear in mind that yoou`re not perfect as god.
Before you did something,please think 100 times whether it will hurt yourself and others?
just stay happy and be rational.
every problem has the solution,just see whether we have brain to think or not.
Don`t ever complain what you don`t have,but have to thanks what you have!!
Sometime we tend to be selfish..always trying to get whatever thing we want..including loves.
LOVE are very subjective.We cant get it by forcing.It should comes from youe heart..sincerely.
So in other word..we love somebody doesnt mean we have to show it..we can just keep it inside our small heart but yet large room.We cant force a person to love us,but we can show to them that we are worth to be loved.
I love you silently because it can bring happiness to me^.^
don`t have to care long no harm to others.

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