Friday, July 31, 2009


im confuse..i dont know whether it is a right choice for me..
in fact,you dont have any confidence,right?what`s more can i say?
maybe now still new for us..that`s why like this..but till when have to wait??
i really confusing..i dont know what should i trying my best,but everytime failed.
maybe im not the best for you?or what??i can feel that you will feel ashame to be with me,thats why you mind if your friends knows..right?
its hard for me to tell you how i feel,but the feeling is not nice to have..hope you understand.
it doesnt important to let people know or hide it from them..just the way you act just like 'keeping me away' or 'hiding me'..
and i just need time to accept it cuz it still new for now.i dont know..just confuse..whether wanna carry on or let it go..cuz seems like your other friends are more important than me..and i dont want you to lose them just because of me..ok?

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