Thursday, July 23, 2009

I really hOPE THey caN mAke iT~~buT...

Im really sad..
i really hope they can make it..i want them to join me go together..
i so hard only can the ticket for them,,but suddenly they changed their mind..=(
really feel down after that..really feel wanna shout as loud as let everything out!!
maybe is because this few days really tired..stress..haiz..i cannot tahan with my life now..every night sleep at 3am or i can handle it???i wanna go home!!!
but finally finished our HE presentation..hehe..not really good as i wish..but still need to fan about it anymore..hmm..tomorrow is MEM..i`ll be the host!!haha..need to dance also..but i`ll try my best..hehe~~
Sha po wanna move out d..whats more can i say?i really very sad..i dont want stay there without sad whenever think about it..they only have few more months here only..tell me how i can live without them?they just like my sister and lewis and kelvin told me..i should be more independent..haiz..but can i??im really weak..not as strong as them..
i really need them now..but this few day not really closev with them..less talk..cuz i spend more time at cui cui`s house..doing the group assignments..
just one wil understand ok..if she think she happy moving out then i got nothing to say..betty and i can handle it la..hopefully..
how i wish i really have one real doraemon!so that i can ask him to change back their mind to go O night with me~~hmm..

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