Thursday, July 16, 2009

At leasT we`ve triEd oUR best^.^

Not enough sleep!!!guess what time we sleep last night?err..should said how many hours we sleep for yesterday..hehe:)
My group and i were so rushed to complete our MC assignment..hmm..well..last minutes work!haha..our bad then..^.^
after class that day,cui cui,styler,pui chin straight away go cui cui`s house together with our laptop.But i gone back to my house cuz i have own stuff to do..hehe~~but i`ve done my part..just left to helping them!Alot of things we all prepare together..and of cause chat chat and chat also la..hehe~~~hmm...we doing the assignment by using webcam,msn..haha!!really fun!I`m so sorry for not be with you all for that day.I`m really busy..hehe~~~that night,i din dinner with them..i have to go koh`s house for another assignment..MEM..hmm..really busy..haha!My dearest housemate pack my dinner so that i can eat it at koh`s house..hehe~~delicous meal again!!yummy~~
from 8pm till about 12am spending my time at assignment/translation+chat,play,laugh!+eat..haha..and guess what i do?i helped them swept their floor!my god..cannot tahan the dust..haha!!really clean after that,right?blekk:)
then..we went ghany yum cha..nick followed us usually,i ate roti cheese again!!kaka..we chat about everything!gossiping too!hehe~~
i thought can go home to get some rest after that..but suddenly remind me about my another group member..hehe..i called them seemed they need me..hehe~~so i have to go back to cui cui`s house..hmm..they all sent me till there then i started to help them up..hmm..Styler asked me to teman her go ghany wor..haha!!really funny..but wei le her..can lo..hahahahaha..~~~~we packed some food for cui cui and pui chin too!!hmm...
we do it whole night..lee mee came and join us too!but styler and me cannot tahan!fall asleep on the table..hehe~~that time around 5.30m..pity pui chin,cui cui and lee mee..i think three of them not sleeping for the whole night tim!
the next day,got class at 9am..cui cui and pui chin skip the class..only me,styler and lee mee attend..we so guai~~haha!
really feel very dizzy..feel like wanna faint like that..our whole body feel so weak!hmm..i went to coll by....walking with lewis and ccm..hehe~~but before that i teman them to go cherry house for the printing first..we are late for class..but lucky din get scold by ms diong..hmm..after and styler were so rushing to go cheery house to print our assignment and we need to go back to coll before 12pm.hehe..we ngam ngam reached winny liew`s place at 11.54am..hahaha!
now i can relax abit..cuz both done adi..left HE..and prepare for the presentation next week!walao..really busy..this weekend not going back also..lucky my housemates not going back too^.^
overall ok least we tried our best..we are in the team what^.^

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