Sunday, July 19, 2009

I miss thEm muCh!!!!

Suddenly miss them so much! miss till wanna drop my tears..
none of them study in KTAR..only me here..sigh~~~ them,self-loving&co.---nic,tian,jie,lulu,fiona,sab,anne,kai ning,peipei,ker li,ziyi,wei min..
haiz..really miss them much..miss those times we had bbq,gathering,trips,baking muffin n cookies..swimming..tuitions..hmm..really fun right?
we are not in the same class..but i really feel much better hanging out with you all compare with my own classmate last time..i just dont know why..maybe is because you all accept whoever i am..but they dont..haha!but nvm..they`re not a good friend maybe..
with you all,i always find all really nice to me..hehe=)always be with me..
but now all of us seperated ady..i just know most of you studying form6 while nic at taylor..hmm..
next time my house sure got gathering 1..dont worry..i`ll contact you all k?and prepare delicous foods for you all..haha!ker li n anne can eat more..haha..fiona sure enjoy
i miss you all..really miss you all..keep in touch ya!!

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